Freestanding Trophies and Awards – Custom Cut 0.7mm


Fantastic new freestanding shaped trophies and awards, custom cut in our 0.7mm thicker metal ( more cost effective 0.5mm versions are here:  

Three designs: trophy, rosette and horse – ideal for rewarding the ‘player of the week’ or ‘best clear round’ or even used as photo mementoes ‘Me and My Pony’

Each one has a new scored section which enables them to be freestanding – for desks, bedside tables or mantlepieces.

Delivered flat, after printing you simply need to follow the bending instructions Bendy metal instructions to make the item freestanding.

The Rosette shape is also available with a separate disc and tape, allowing you to supply outers and inners separately for a more cost effective option for your customers (you can supply printed outers to cover for events all year round – but then supply inners that are dated or inscribed with special event details for instance).

Available as standard in white or brushed silver 0.7mm 

  • Trophy 75 x 122 mm before bending – print area after bending is: 75 x 104 mm
  • Rosette 75 x 143 mm before bending – print area after bending is: 75 x 120 mm
  • Horse 96 x 116 mm before bending – print area after bending is: 96 x 92 mm

Please note custom cut items can be 2-5 day turnaround


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