Shaped keyring charms / pendants


A range of fancy shaped charms finished with one hole, to create a perfectly personalised keepsake keyring with sayings or photos of children or grandchildren on. Can also be used with drawings or handprints, why not use children’s own handwriting to create a truly unique piece? Can be added to our multi-charm keyring or used as stand alone mini keyring or jewellery pendant.

Available in 0.5mm thickness in White as standard plus Custom cut in all 9 of our other 0.5mm finishes (choose Custom cut then the colour from the next drop down box)

  • Train 45 x 35mm
  • Carriage 45 x 35mm
  • Rocket 50 x 27mm
  • Planet S 48 x 35mm
  • Planet T 28 x 20 mm
  • Moon S 50 x 34 mm
  • Moon T 28 x 19mm
  • Rainbow S 50 x 30mm
  • Rainbow T 28 x 18mm
  • Handsaw 50 x 19 mm
  • Spade 55 x 22mm
  • SUV car pendant 50 x 22mm
  • Bus 35 x 28mm
  • Venus Symbol 50 x 35mm
  • Mars Symbol 50 x 35mm
  • Unicorn head 40 x 30mm
  • Sitting Bird – small 54 x 22mm
  • Flower – small 30 x 30mm

Listed with a range of keyring finishing options.

For alternative shaped split rings as shown in the gallery images click here: Alternate fixing options


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