Gift/Present (with bow options to make 3D layered item)


Gift/Present Shape to create a fab sign, decoration, fridge magnet, badge etc. Available in lots of sizes so the limit is your imagination – suitable for any gift giving celebration, birthday, and of course Christmas!

Sizes below are for the Present/Gift itself – the matching bows are available bundled with the gift at a special combined price (to create an amazing layered 3D shape!) or as a separate purchase here: Bow/ribbon.

  • Super Giant A3 – 283 x 283 mm (sign, dry wipe sign, wall art)
  • Giant – 197 x 197 mm (sign, dry wipe sign, or wall art)
  • XXL A5 – 141 x 141 mm (door or room plaque)
  • XL – 98 x 98 mm (door or room plaque, fridge magnet, bunting)
  • Large – 75 x 75 mm (fridge magnet, pendant or badge)
  • Medium – 50 x 50 mm (badge, large keyring)
  • Small – 35 x 35 mm (keyring, pendant, large charm)
  • Tiny – 20 x 20 mm (charm or earring)

Available in 0.5 mm White as standard (and also available as a Custom Cut in all our metal finishes in 0.5 mm and White in 0.7 mm by request – just choose Custom Cut and add colour choice to Order Notes).

Downloadable templates are available for all of these items!

Please note that custom cut items can be 2 – 5 days in production.


Aluminium Colour and Thickness *

White 0.5mm as standard, all other 0.5mm colours and 0.7mm white are available with a surcharge – listed below as custom cuts (so may increase the turnaround time of your order)

Finishing Options for XXL, Giant and Super Giant options *

Hover over images for descriptions

None 4 Strong Outdoor Grade Foam Pads +£0.20 Fridge Magnet Strip 15cm x 2 +£0.30 Fridge Magnet Strip 7cm x 2 +£0.15 Self Adhesive Hanger +£0.35 Self Adhesive Hanger x 2 +£0.70 Plastic Sucker with Hook (inc 1 hole in point) +£0.29 Plastic Sucker with Hook x 2 (inc 2 holes) +£0.58 Ribbon - 50cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.25 Natural Twine - 40cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.35 Ball Chain - 38cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.50 1 Hole only (middle of bow, top) +£0.05 2 Holes only (bow corners, top) +£0.10 MDF Back for A4 G options only +£1.25 MDF Back for A3 SG option only +£1.95 Dry Wipe Pen Kit +£0.89

Finishing Options for XL, Large, Medium, Small, and Tiny

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None Foam Pads x 2 +£0.10 Fridge Magnet Strip x 8cm +£0.10 Fridge Magnet Strip x 4cm +£0.05 Plastic Sucker with Hook and 1 Hole (in top) +£0.29 Ribbon - 50cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.20 Ball Chain - 25cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.35 Ball Chain - 15cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.25 Ball Chain - 10cm (inc 1 hole) +£0.15 20mm Split Ring (incl. hole in bow) +£0.10 Silver Plated Jewellery Chain (inc hole in bow) +£0.95 Ball Chain - 76cm (incl. hole in bow ) +£0.55 Badge Pin 30mm (self adhesive) +£0.10 1 Hole only (in point) +£0.05 2 Holes only (in bow corners) +£0.08 Dry Wipe Pen Kit +£0.89

ONLY if ribbon or ball chain selected from photo above

choose colour of chain or ribbon below (otherwise DON’T select)