We are happy to offer samples of many of our products to our customers, and we have a few ways for you to do this. In addition to the free sample packs of new or promotional products that we add to your orders as a matter of course, you can order samples in the following way (marked in red) on our Subli Metals site. If, however, you need an urgent sample outside of your regular orders, read on to the third option (marked in blue):

FREE SAMPLES WITH YOUR SUBLIMETALS ORDER: If you would like to sample a specific product instead of our monthly featured category Freebies, please add in the customer comments section which product you would like to see (up to 3) and if it is possible, we will add it to your order Free of charge (please be sensible and do not request oversize – no larger than the other items you have ordered – or high price items)

FREE SAMPLE SWATCH (UK only): Alternatively, if you would just like to test our quality or see our different finishes and colours, we will send you a completely FREE Colour and Metal finish swatch card. To order this, add this item to Cart: Free Sample Swatch and checkout using ParcelForce shipping which costs £7.95 plus VAT, and we will dispatch using our standard courier service.

OTHER SAMPLES: As of March 2023, we are operating a sister site to Subli Metals, which can be found here Р CraftiMetals carries the same products made from our sublimation metal as our wholesale site but is marketed towards the crafter rather than purely sublimation. There is no minimum order, allowing you to order one or two items, but the pricing is higher across the board, except for packs which are priced the same.

QUOTATIONS: For more information on how to request quotations of custom cut sheets or shapes, please refer to our Quotes section here. In many cases you will need to request these as items, adding to the cart and paying for them as you check out as normal (choosing local pickup if appropriate, so shipping is not added).

Most of our items are now despatched by courier (costing us minimum ¬£6.22 shipping) as we are located in a rural area. If we have to / need to despatch by post we have a six mile, 20 minute round trip to town to send out, so the minimum charge then has to cover this plus all the other standard charges for packaging (up to ¬£1 but at least 50p) recorded delivery, Paypal fee, printing of the invoice, time taken etc (when we have non mainland UK orders to post, which are too expensive to courier, we can stand in a queue at the Post Office for up to 15 minutes!) These costs are the same for a large order as a small sample one (and we are making far less profit on a small order anyway!). If ¬†we do use the post, we generally only send recorded, even small orders, as every time we try to send non signed for we get items that don‚Äôt turn up ‚Äď which we then have to replace at more time and cost!¬†

To offset this we offer free shipping at the low level of £95 an order (most sublimation wholesalers have no free delivery option at all) to encourage you to order more and make us all more profitable!


Every 4-8 weeks we showcase a different category on our website by offering special offer packs and including FREE samples of a selection of products from that category in qualifying orders – you don’t have to request or order these FREE products, we will pop them in your order as a matter of course… the larger or more often¬†you order, the more FREE items you will receive!