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Standard Single-Sided Aluminium (0.5mm, 0.55mm and 0.7mm)

170-185C for 40-50 seconds at light/medium pressure for all except white 0.7mm

Step 1 – Remove the plastic scratchproof coating from the coated side of the metal. All of our sublimation metal (except the tags that are marked ‘double sided’) has one coated side and a dull brushed silver reverse – so be careful when removing the plastic if your metal is the brushed silver finish, to note which is the correct side.
Step 2 – Apply the sublimation paper – image to the side you removed the plastic from. Secure with heatproof tape onto the back of the metal on one edge only (like a hinge).
Step 3 – Place Aluminium on the base of the heat press with the back of the aluminium up and transfer paper UNDER the aluminium. The heat will conduct through the aluminium giving a better finish.
Step 4 – For all 0.5mm, 0.55mm and 0.7mm brushed silver press the aluminium at 170-185 degrees C for 40-60 seconds at light/medium pressure. Our current batch of white 0.7mm aluminium has different instructions, lower temp and longer time, temp 165- 180 C for 70 secs – make sure the bed of the press is hot.

Quickly check, by lifting your hinge that the print is fully transferred, then you can wait for the metal to cool before removing the transfer completly (as it will be very hot and it is difficult to remove the tape without burning yourself!)

Chromaluxe 1.1mm Single-Sided Aluminium (shapes, pendants, panels, clocks, business cards, discs, fridge magnets and cuff bracelets)

200C / 70 secs medium pressure

Manufacturer’s (Unisub) instructions. These are for larger panels (8×10), so our smaller pieces may not need such a long time.
Step 1 – Remove plastic scratchproof coating. In press, printable side of the material up, transfer on TOP, face down. They advise using a sheet or two of absorbent paper (or for larger pieces Endura fabric) underneath and above the material to absorb any excess moisture from the transfer.
Step 2 – Medium pressure – but for larger panels higher pressure might be needed.
Step 3 – Upon removing from press, allow aluminium to cool for 20-30 seconds before removing the transfer. This allows the coating to re-harden and minimises the chance of edge damage.
They also add – Occasionally you may see small imperfections in the surface of the material in the form of small dimples or bumps – this is a naturally occurring phenomenon of the coating process and they regret they can not offer replacement of material with this effect.

Double -Sided 1.1mm Aluminium (Tags, business cards, key rings)

175 – 190C / 80 secs medium pressure

Manufacturer’s instructions -Remove plastic scratchproof coating from both sides. Print both sides of the tag as one transfer – line the piece up with one half of the transfer and adhere it. Fold the other half of the transfer over onto the other side of the tag. Press a total of 80 seconds at 175-190 degrees C with medium pressure. Remove from press, let cool and remove transfer while slightly warm.
Our instructions – as above, except press one side for 60 secs (with the transfer under the tag and clean copy paper above, protecting the other side) then once cool, press the other side – much easier to align! Note – some makes of heat tape may affect the side already printed – if so use heat spray or wrap the paper around each tag completely and only tape to the back of the paper, not the metal.

Double -Sided 0.5mm Aluminium (Business cards, keyrings, bookmarks) (handle carefully so as not to scratch / dent the unprotected side)

170-185C for 40-60 seconds at light/medium pressure – each side

Remove plastic scratchproof coating from one side. Press one side for 40-60 secs (with the transfer under the item and a sheet of clean copy paper above, protecting the other side) then once cool, press the other side, repeating the instructions above. Note – some makes of heat tape may affect the side already printed – if so use heat spray or wrap the paper around each tag completely and only tape to the back of the paper, not the metal.

3D products – Cuff bracelets, heart wraps, napkin rings and other curved/wavy items are formed AFTER pressing by bending around our Forming jig here (which produces consistent results every time) or a cylindrical object (like a can) – For instructions on how to bend standard or scored items to be freestanding click here

Your metal item should look stunning – vibrant colours and highly detailed.
Dull/Tarnished surface – If the surface looks dull or tarnished instead of lovely and glossy you have overheated your item – lower the temperature or decrease the time on your next attempt.
Colours not vibrant – If the colours look faded you have not pressed the metal for long enough. If the print is still in place, you can re-press for a further 10-15 secs.

Metal Temp Time           
All 0.5, 0.55 and 0.7mm brushed silver 170-185c    40-50secs
White 0.7mm 165-180c 70 secs
All Chromaluxe 1.1mm 200c  70 secs
Double-sided white 1.1mm             175-190c 80 secs


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