Bendy Metal Technique Instructions



Step 1
Print your item as normal.


Step 2
Place one end of the metal against a curved surface – for a freestanding panoramic photo we used a bottle of ‘sticky stuff remover’ – any hard curved surface will do – spray can, tin, whatever you have to hand… the only difference will be the diameter of the curve will affect the finished bend, so you will need to experiment to get different effects! For a napkin ring we used a narrow body spray can. 


Step 3 
Choose a point on the print to line your curve up with if you want to do a symmetrical bend, so that you can measure and mark on the back of the metal where to bend on the other end. Hold the metal at the bend point and bend it slowly around the curved object.


Step 4 
To replicate the effect on the sample, turn the metal over and bend at the same point in from the other end of the metal. You will find the metal very forgiving, if you slip or over bend it is quite easy to ease it back again and have another go! But practice makes perfect as they say…


That’s it! As long as you have put enough of a bend in the metal it will stand on a flat surface without a support.


Try different styles of bending on different shapes and colours of metal.


Bendy Metal Technique Instructions for scored items 

Step 1
Print your item as normal.

Step 2
Carefully bend the metal (slowly) along the fold line. To get a precise bend use the edge of a shelf or table (or any other 90 degree angle) Please note there is a bit of leeway for beding back if you overbend but if you continue to bend and re-bend the item will snap along the score line.

That’s it! Now your item should be freestanding and ready to display!

Hints and Tips
Did you know you don’t need to remove the print from metal immediately after pressing as you do on some other substrates? you can leave it to cool first then remove, much safer for your fingers lol! 

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