Subli Essentials – Fridge Magnet Starter Pack –


New for 2022! 

A brilliant Starter Pack of Fridge Magnets containing a mix of shapes, all ready to create some great products! This pack is a great option for you to sample a little bit from our range of Fridge Magnets to see what it offers, if you are unsure which products would be best for you – it includes a mix of colours and thicknesses, along with different styles of magnets for you to try out all at an amazing discounted price!

Included in the pack:

  • A selection of Budget Small Square, Rectangle, and Round Fridge Magnets – at least 5 of each style!
  • Samples of Large Square and Rectangle Fridge Magnets, in different thicknesses!
  • x 1 Chromaluxe 1.1 mm Rectangle Fridge Magnet
  • x 1 ‘Natural’ Shape (eg: Mason Jar, Arrow/Pencil, Oblong Gem)
  • x 1 “Object’ Shape (eg: Fleur De Lis, Commemorative Shield, Train)
  • x 1 “Animal’ Shape (eg: Sheep, Bird, Horse Head)
  • x 1 ‘Hearts and Fancy’ Shape (eg: Traditional Heart, Hexagon, Victorian Frame)
  • x 1 ‘Seasonal’ Shape (eg: Star, Snow Globe, Egg/Balloon)
  • x 1 ‘Kitchen’ Shape (eg: A5 Ricoh, Apple, Strawberry)

Also included are:

  • A mix of Magnet Strips in different lengths
  • A mix of Magnet Squares and Circles
  • x 1 Dry Wipe Kit (Incl. Eraser Topped Dry Wipe Pen and Magnet Square)
  • x 1 MDF Back for 1 of the Shapes (Taped up with Ultra Strong Double Sided Tape)



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