Subli Supplies Website

If you were looking for the old Subli Supplies website – you will see that it now links to the new website

As you will probably know, myself and Mark ran the Subli Supplies business for three years,
we have built a loyal client base, who we have very much enjoyed supplying – however we discovered over the past three years that this business of distributing a wide range of blanks, consumables & equipment, takes a heck of a lot of time and effort, organisation and resources – and quite frankly as a small husband and wife business with a young and growing family, the Subli Supplies business is just too much, in the form it was previously in. We either needed to invest in staff and systems, or we needed to make some drastic changes, the former was not a viable option for us, so we went for the latter.

We decided that we would focus on particular areas of the business that we are best suited to operate – therefore, we are now focusing on three areas. Metals, training & mug boxes.

As fate would have it, at the time we were making this decision we learned that one of our clients, a larger business who have been in the printing game for quite a number of years – Meshtex Limited – were moving into the wholesale dye sublimation supplies business, so we reached a great win-win agreement with Meshtex, which means that we are now handing over the reins to them so that we can focus on our new streamlined business.

So, from June 2011 – the main SubliSupplies website is being taken over by Meshtex (the website will point to their new website at You will be able to continue to source your dye sublimation blanks from them, and I’m sure you will find them to be a great supplier. They have been in business since the early 1970’s, in fact their parent company Wrendal Holdings, started in 1929, so they have a lot of experience – they’re very well set up in terms of premesis, staff, systems and resources, and they have everything that a great distributor needs, in order to offer a great dependable service. They’re also great people – having supplied them since we started Subli Supplies, I have always found them a nice company to do business with. You can order from them online from, or speak to Steve on 01625 878949, or email By the way – a couple of things you may find particularly interesting, is that they can supply tea towels – they have their own blank dye sub tea towels manufactured so they have not been effected by the blank tea towel shortage. They also sell their own range of blank cushions – and they offer a wholesale drop-ship printing service, including canvas prints and photo wallpaper.

So what about us?

We are now focusing on three area’s – Metals, training and mug boxes. is our brand new sublimation metals website – from which we are offering a wide range of aluminium blanks, including custom cut metals.

We are offering dye sublimation training courses, via our new training website We can offer half day and full day training courses, either from our premises or we’ll come to you.

Meshtex are now the main distributor of our mug boxes, via We can supply you with mug boxes directly, but it makes sense for Meshtex to distribute the mug boxes, so that you can order your boxes along with your blank mugs and other blanks and consumables.

You can still get hold of myself at, or 01964 534460 – and if you join our new mailing lists at and, we will be happy to keep you in the loop with what’s happening.

We’re very excited about the future, we feel that this move is the very best for all concerned including our clients, and we look forward to continue supplying you with metals and training, and I know Steve and the team at Meshtex are very keen to start offering you a great service.