Classy Celebration Tables!

Brilliant ideas and keepsakes for any type of Celebration Events! 🥂

Project 028: Classy Celebration Tables!

This project is all about Celebration and Event Tables – we’re covering a selection of our products that can be used to compliment any table, which will hopefully give you ideas on the kinds of products you can offer and market to your customers for special celebrations!

We provided some sets of lovely custom Name Place Cards for two events that took place around our local community in December and January – more details down below on these projects we took on for a local organisation!

Read on for ideas on how you can use our Gift Tags and Labels to add a special touch to a gift, our Tins and Bags to create some brilliant Party Favours, and our Name Place Cards, Napkin Rings, and A5 Ricoh Metal to create some wonderful table adornments to fit any occasion!

Party Favours!

Party Favours and Party Bags are a great way of giving a little thank you gift and keepsake to all attendees at an event or celebration!

Consider using any Tins from our range – especially the smaller ones, or any Bags we offer. Each Tin is provided with a 0.5 mm White Topper for you to design and personalise as needed.

For our bags you could choose one of our Small or Medium Shapes to attach to the front of the bag like a member of our Design Team did, (using our strong double sided tape, or choose to add a hole to the shape and attach it with ribbon or twine) and personalise in the same way as you would a tin topper!

The shape chosen can depend on the theme of the event – for example: a horseshoe or a heart would be beautiful for weddings and anniversaries. You could even go simple with a circle, hexagon, or oval, which can work fantastically for any celebration!

The Bags and Tins can then be filled with all sorts of goodies such as sweets, chocolates, and tokens or trinkets for the guests to enjoy!

Gift Labels!

Gift Tags and Labels are a simple but effective idea to be used for any kind of celebrations – whether it is for a gift, a prize, or a decoration!

Choose from our Small Wine Label, 85 x 34 mm Label, and range of Gift Tags to find the shape and style that works best for you! Remember that you can write on them with Sharpie Markers (which can be removed after with a bit of WD40!), which allows them to be reused as many times as needed.

They work brilliantly as labels for wine (or other alcohol!) bottles and on boxes of sweets or chocolates to add an extra touch of personalisation to the gift – whether it is a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, or even a Christmas gift!

Alternatively, they could be used to label up prizes for games and raffles that are often held at events, offering a way of providing a lovely keepsake to the winners!

Napkin Rings!

Our great value Napkin Rings are available in all of our metal finishes, which look beautiful printed up with names and elegant designs! They are supplied flat for you to print your design on and then bend into shape after printing (we supply a how to guide).

Napkin Rings are a wonderful addition to any celebration table! If they are printed up with names of the guests they can also be a keepsake – which is a lovely idea for Weddings. To allow them to be reused the Napkin Rings can just be printed up with fun designs rather than specific names – a good idea for larger gatherings!

Name Badges!

Name Badges can be a great addition to any celebration, especially if the people attending don’t know everyone there. The Name Badges can serve a dual purpose for introducing people and also acting as an icebreaker to get conversations started! The Name Badges can also be used as place markers for tables – an alternative to Name Place Cards, and easier if there are a lot of guests!

All our Name Badges offer the option for badge pins, but we also have a magnetic badge fitting available – this is ideal for Weddings and similar fancy occasions as this backing won’t mark any outfits!

Celebration Table Displays!

Recently we have provided our services for two Dinner Dances held by branches of the Young Farmer’s Club in our local area! Nicci’s daughters and Pippa, our marketing manager, are all involved with Young Farmers, so we were happy get involved and help out this fab organisation! We provided Name Place Cards for every table, along with a set of our A4 Doily Shapes to be used as table numbers and decorations.

The Name Place Cards we created for these occasions are a new idea with different cut outs at the top of the place card that we have been experimenting with on our new laser – they are not yet available on our website, but keep an eye out as they might make an appearance once we have perfected the technique! In the meantime, our standard Name Place Cards still make beautiful additions to a table – from Weddings to Anniversaries to Birthdays. We have a wide range of shapes that can be used as coasters, placemats, and pot stands – both standard and fancy shapes to suit anyone’s needs! For a smaller gathering or event, custom placemats and coasters are a fantastic idea to really make the tables stand out, however in larger events this may not be as viable. In this case, having a pot stand as a centrepiece for each table – or even using one of our shapes as a table sign – is a great alternative!

Speaking of table signs, these are a must for any larger celebration to mark each table for ease of access! Any of our Giant A4 or XXL A5 shapes are suitable for a table sign – choose a fancy shape based on the theme of the party! Alternatively, our A4 Ricoh and A5 Ricoh Standard Metal and Freestanding Options can make stunning table signs, especially when you choose a finish such as brushed silver or gold, or mirror or satin silver for extra luxury!

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