“Packing it in” Focus on our packs

Get inspired by sampling one of our packs or a complete collection!

Our packs offer a great way for you to experiment with new products and grow and develop your business.
If you want to explore product ranges then our bumper packs are ideal, if you’re on a budget or are just starting out we have starter packs. For a sample of everything we do why not try our Ultimate pack – a huge selection of our products – one
of nearly every item we produce.
Don’t forget our Subli Essentials packs – our standard¬†items in our most popular configuartions, offered at a reduced price and you don’t have to make our minimum order either!

Ultimate Packs
Last year we launched our two largest packs, Promotional and Business and Craft and Personalisation these are themed around the key products needed for these markets and offer a range of colours and finishes so you can really have a play around and see what works for you. On our website we have examples of them as blanks and with ideas for printing them up.
You can also order our Subli Metals РULTIMATE starter pack РTHE bumper collection Рwhich is both of these packs combined. This is a HUGE selection and will really get your business off to a flying start with plenty of inspiration and save you over £45 at the same time Рwinner!

Subli Essentials
Subli Essentials is our range of bulk buy items which are exempt from our minimum order! These are packs of our most popular items  offered in our best selling colour / finish at a reduced price. Four of our most popular ones are:
1. Pandora Style Hearts
Our Pandora style heart beads are always extremely popular. This pack is five beads with white sublimation inserts
2. Business Cards
We’ve seen a huge rise in business card sales as they are sold as both business and wallet cards. This pack is 50 white, brushed silver or gold 0.5 cards.
3. Fridge Magnets
Fridge magnets work fantastically well for promotional items for businesses,  clubs or schools. Our Subli Essentials pack is 50 75x50mm in 0.5 white.
4. Multi-Charm Keyrings
These make great gifts. Pack of 25 white multi charm keyrings in 0.5mm

Starter Packs
Starter packs are ideal if you just want to dip your toe into a new market or try a new product range. They offer a selection of sizes and styles within a range and come in a variety of colours and finishes
We offer ten small starter packs, each discounted and priced at less than £20 and have plans to add more.
Try New Ideas
Starter packs are a great way to experiment with new designs and ideas. If you’ve always fancied a product range but not sure which item to choose these are a collection of our most popular pieces. Why not let your creativity go wild – who knows where it will lead?
Get to know your equipment
Starter packs, with their range of sizes, colours and finishes can be a fantastic way to find out what works with your printer and press as well as with your designs.
Establish you business
Starter packs are a good way to try out products within a range at a reduced price to see what works for your business and what doesn’t. It can be a great way to trial products before buying in bulk.

Bumper Collections
Bumper collections are the next step up from starter packs and offer a more products and a wider selection within a range. We are constantly reviewing all our packs, removing products which we no longer sell and adding new product lines as they come on board.
Pictured here are some of our most popular bumper packs, including the bookmark bumper pack, the coaster and placemat bumper pack, the dry-wipe sign bumper pack and the name badge and business card bumper pack.
Complete Solutions
Each bumper collection comes with all the accessories and fixings needed e.g. tassels, dry-wipe pens and bumpers for coasters. We currently offer 11 different packs all discounted and priced at less than £39 and are adding to the range all the time.
Chance to experiment
A bumper collection gives you the chance to “think outside the box” – who would this new product range appeal to, how could you reach them?¬†Why not try printing up your¬†items and pitching to new potential clients like shops, cafes or tourist information bureaus?


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