Introduction to Crafti Metals!

A great introduction to getting started with Crafti Metals! 🖌️


We have launched a sister site  – CraftiMetals!

We are introducing a new way of working on our metal. Our metal is a fabulous surface for working on with many established craft techniques. Not all techniques will work the same as on paper, card, or other absorbent surfaces (like MDF etc) but many will or will create different effects and Metal has advantages over some of the other craft surfaces available – it is durable, bendable and with its glossy eye catching finish it has an expensive quality feel, perfect for keepsake and personalisable items/gifts!

We are hoping to find a new market of crafters that will love our metal as much as you, our sublimation customers, do – and in turn some of you may discover new techniques for creating beautiful craft items to cherish or sell… and if you combine the 2 techniques, print and craft, well – BOOM – you will be creating amazing unique pieces that will look both hand crafted AND professional!!

Further down we have included an overview of the main sizes in our Aluminium Sheet Category on the new website as a pictorial introduction to some of the many techniques that you can use on our CraftiMetal – follow the link above or go to the site and click on the category to see the items close up, these are fully crafted – but imagine adding sublimation too…

Not All Crafts Will Work

Many craft techniques will work it is just a case of knowing which products will dry on the glossy, non absorbent surface. The main thing you are looking for is any product that is labelled for metal, glass or ceramic or as MULTI-SURFACE. These will include paints, sprays, waxes, pastes, glues etc, some solvent or alcohol based, some acrylic or water based. Most items labelled purely for absorbent surfaces will not dry directly on metal. This still doesn’t preclude you from using them – as metal can be treated with a base layer of Gesso or Primer, then used as if it is an absorbent surface! You can even get a transparent gesso these days, so still utilise the shiny metallic properties in your project!

We will be bringing you guides to each of the techniques overleaf over the coming months in detail – with product lists to accompany them, so you know exactly which brands/makes are best for each technique and we will start to add a small range of consumable craft items to our product range for many of these techniques (many in sample and kit form so you can trial techniques) to see which crafts you enjoy and give you the best results.

Many papercraft techniques are transferable onto metal – Rubber stamping, stencilling, colouring with alcohol or permanent pens, calligraphy art techniques – oil and stained glass painting, plus many mixed media crafts – powertex, jewellery making, marbling, decoupage, crystal art, screen printing, mosaic tiling… metal is a PERFECT base!

Treat As A Glossy Surface

As mentioned, the secret to crafting easily on metal is using the correct products that will dry. The good news is that for most techniques – both sides of the metal is usable! So you can create double sided products or choose the side which you prefer!

The other amazing property of metal is that it is very forgiving, as most mediums don’t dry immediately you can either remove mistakes easily before it dries or use alcohol based wipes to remove when dry and have another go! Great for perfecting your techniques and trialling ideas!

For stamping use either Stayz on multi surface inks (quick drying) or archival inks (dry overnight) or using embossing powders and heat. For colouring and calligraphy it will be alcohol pens or permanent pens (like Sharpies) but many metallic and special medium pens (like those for ceramic or glass) will also work.

For painting and stencilling it will be any paint labelled multi-surface, or you use a layer of gesso or primer first then any paint over the top. Decoupage is possible with any papers, washi tape or stickers – use the special varnishes like Mod Podge or Decoapatch. Mosaic tile glue, screen printing inks and Powertex work on metal straight away!

For amazing backgrounds for you to vinyl craft over, alcohol ink techniques, most often done on special glossy papers look stunning on our metal. Check our website for samples and inspiration!

CraftiMetal Techniques

Below is a selection of beautiful crafted items on differing sizes, colours, finishes and thicknesses of our amazing CraftiMetals, these are featured in the Aluminium Sheet Category on our website – click on each item to see close ups of the technique on the item. For many of these crafts the beauty of the metallic finish in the high shine mirror or texture of the brushed finish can be used for creative effect – for other techniques the white is brilliant – think dry wipe items or crisp colour effects, for other styles the reverse of the metal (a more matt silver effect) or our satin gold or silver finish produce beautiful classy items.

We will expand on these ideas and techniques on our site with video guides and more content in project form going forward to develop ideas and give you inspiration, in the meanwhile please check out the new site including the inspiration gallery, where we have included lots more samples of crafted items!

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