BEST SELLER! Baby on Boards – Pack of 20


Pack of 20 of our Best Selling Baby-on-Boards in our most popular option: 150 x 150 mm, diamond hanging, White 0.5 mm, in 2 hole options – standard 1 hole, or deluxe 2 hole, in a convenient to order pack size.

Personalise as car sign baby-on-boards, pet-on-boards, funny quotes… or use them as window signs – for  Christmas they make great Santa stop here signs for fabulous seasonal gifts. Sell to tourist attractions for keepsakes and souvenirs – the list is endless… an amazingly versatile product at an amazing price!

  • 150 x 150 mm x 0.5 mm thick

Choice of hanging options available for with this product:

  • Standard – 1 hole top corner, 1 large window sucker, 3 mini poly bumps (to help stop rattling)
  • Deluxe – 2 holes opposite corners, 2 large window sucker, 2 mini poly bumps (to help stop rattling)

20 Baby-on-boards not enough? Then please order from our standard item below or our Xtra Value Pack.

  • Or if you prefer another finish, or want different hanging options, then this product is still available as our standard Best Seller Baby-on-Board where you can customise to your heart’s content.


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