Quote Request Item inc sample and set up charge – Bespoke cut designs or Custom resize of existing items (up to 10 day turnaround)


File type * 

Vector files (.eps, .ai, .dxf etc) in most formats should be usable without surcharge, but we will contact you if yours is not suitable. Bitmap files (jpeg, pdf, psd, word files etc) or scale drawings / marked up diagrams will need work to trace and convert, so add £20 to your set up charge. Please email your file to: nicci@sublimetals.co.uk

If asking for an existing shape or item to be resized (either in size or metal thickness)

please type in the name and/or link to the item from our site here:

Metal thickness * 

Choose the metal thicknesses you require your sample/s in (up to A4 approx size) – we will need to run a sample to verify your provided shape is suitable, so you will need to choose one of the thicknesses or extra thicknesses if you want to see the difference between them. Alternatively choose ‘No sample’ if it is just a resize of shape already listed, then we will email you an accurate quote (this will still need to be simulated for our machine to create the quote, plus then added to the site for you to order, so still incurs a fee – this is effectively your set up charge. Checkout with Local pickup selected to avoid an extra shipping charge, if you don’t require a sample of the re-size sending, new shapes WILL REQUIRE you to add shipping)

Choose the metal colours/finishes you require your sample and subsequent order in (Ultragloss and 0.7mm will be approx 25-45% more than 0.5mm, 1.1mm genuine Chromaluxe will be 300-400% more than 0.5mm) : * 

Size of shape required (in mm)

(Min 15 x 15mm – Max 600x295mm in 0.5 colours and brushed silver 0.7mm,
and Max 790x590mm white or brushed silver 0.5mm or white 0.7mm
or any 1.1mm Chromaluxe gloss white, matt white, gloss clear (silver), matt clear (silver), double-sided Unisub gloss white

Would you like to make your shape available to other customers (we will only allow protection of shapes designed by you )? * 

You can request a ‘Protected item’ on our site that you will be sent a password for, that allows only you to order as a bespoke custom cut item (at 30%+ more than the pricing grid), if your item is suitable (design and/or size), allow it to be ordered by other customers and possibly be available quicker as a standard stock item (Custom cut items can be 2-5 days turnaround).
For re-sizes of existing items, we will only add these as shared / stock items if they are substantially different and/or fit within our standard sizes grid (pictured) If the size (or thickness) does not meet this requirement then they will need to be ordered as a custom cut item and we then reserve right to add a minimum order level to your custom size plus the 30% approx surcharge.

Any options required to add to your item on the site?

Hanging options, hole options, keyring split rings, fridge magnet strips, badge backs etc can be added to your item as options to order with your shape, if any may be required please tick as many as you may need

Is your item required as an insert? * 

If your item is to be used as an insert on another object please mail us the object so that we can make the metal insert as accurately as possible for you.


Please order this item to obtain a quote and/or samples of a brand new custom shape or resize of any of our existing shapes or items.

It can be ANY shape and include internal cut outs of more than 3mm diameter (holes, slits etc, but if it is a bitmap file it MUST be in a silhouette style (i.e. single colour shape).

If you have a vector (.eps, .dxf, .ai, .svg, .cdr etc) file please choose this and email it separately.

You can use the Pricing grid shown to see an approx price of a re-size or Shared (non protected) shape in standard white 0.5mm. Bespoke protected shapes will be approx 30% more, then Custom cut thickness and colours: 0.7mm white 20-40% more, brushed silver 0.5mm 20% more, brushed silver 0.7mm 30-50% more,  all other 0.5mm colours 40% more, all 1.1mm single-sided Chromaluxe and double-sided Unisub finishes 300-400% more)

If your file is either:

  • a bitmap image – jpeg, pdf, word file etc. that needs converting, please choose this option to add the £20 charge for converting the file (Please note: the image needs to be of a decent quality to convert, if it is a very rough, pixelated image you will receive a very rough, bumpy edged sample!)
  • or from a proper scale diagram 
  • or marked up diagram (with all measurements listed) 

The price will then be:

  • from £10 for an accurate quote only, no sample for re-sizes of our already listed machine cut shapes/items ONLY and checkout with “local pickup” selected.
  • for all other shapes, from £14.50 for one thickness of metal, (plus options and shipping cost), from £20.50 for two thicknesses of metal, from £30.50 for all three thicknesses.

Turnaround for samples will be one week to 10 days (only available as a “Priority Despatch” with prior agreement).

Once the sample and/or quote has been approved, we will add the item to the site as a password protected Custom Cut shape and send you the link and password to allow you to access and order the item (unless you elected to allow us to add the item to the site and we took you up on the offer!)

If you would be happy for us to add your shape to our site for other customers to order please tick the box, otherwise your item will be exclusive to you, but it will make your item around 30% dearer. If you choose to share and we feel your item is particularly saleable we may also offer you an Originator discount, making the item cheaper for you than other customers. However we reserve the right not to share your item if we think it wouldn’t be suitable for other customers, or is too similar to something we already do.

If your item is put onto our website as a shared item it will become a stock item which will then be available to order much more quickly than if it is a bespoke Custom Cut just for you (which will have one week-10 day initially and 2-5 day ongoing turnaround).

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