Custom Cut Small Circle or Oval or Washer – variable size MAX 35mm x 50mm – 1.1mm thick


Use this item for any circle or oval or washer/ring shape in Chromaluxe 1.1mm thick aluminium that is not already listed and is under 50 x 35 mm. You enter your required length and width in mm in the relevant fields.

Please enter length of long and width of the short side in the area provided. THERE IS A MAXIMUM LENGTH OF 50mm AND WIDTH OF 35mm (minimum hole size for hanging holes or washer centres is 3mm). For circles, put the same dimension as length and width – so maximum size for circles using this form is 35mm diameter.

Available in :

  • High gloss White
  • High gloss Silver
  • Double sided White
  • Matt White or Matt Silver – Choose Custom cut 1.1mm Chromaluxe and put colour choice in Order notes at checkout

Please check that your sizes are within the parameters stated for this item. These ‘variable’ items allow us to be completely flexible and provide you with items, specified exactly by you, that we would otherwise not be able to supply (you would have to choose from our listed sizes). They are priced according to the amount of items that we can cut from our sheets, based upon the maximum sizes. If you choose sizes above the maximums, you may be asking us to cut your size at a loss. If you do this, we will have to refund the whole order for you to place correctly as we can not take additional payments AND/OR issue correct paperwork for your order. These items are machine cut and because of the work involved in set up and production it can be up to 10 working days turnaround before despatch, so please bear this in mind when ordering.

We do have another slightly larger variable item here (that also cuts polygons and stars) : Custom Cut Small Circle/Washer or Oval or Polygon or Star – Variable Size MAX 70mm x 70mm

Please note, standard Chromaluxe is a single sided printable product – it may have scratches and etched watermarks on the silver reverse side, this is how we receive the product and we cannot guarantee all pieces will be clear from having these issues on the reverse – please order the double sided white product to be sure of a scratch free reverse.



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Diametre – (mm)

For circles make the length and width the same – so maximum circle / washer diameter is 35mm, max oval is 50x35mm

MINIMUM size for centre hole is 3mm, as it is the smallest hole we can cut – maximum obviously depends on the size of your circle

I have checked my sizes against the Min/Max sizes allowed *

Please check that the dimensions chosen are within the minimum and maximum sizes allowed for this product. See the description for an explanation, but if outside the parameters above we will refund your whole order so it can be placed correctly.

Hole options for hanging *