Custom cut Tag / Keyring / Trophy Plaque / Name Badge – variable size MAX 100mm x 50mm


Custom cut rectangular item for dye sublimation in your choice of size 0.5mm or 0.7mm thick. Please enter length of long and short side in the area provided. THERE IS A MAXIMUM LENGTH OF 100mm AND WIDTH OF 50mm.

Perfect size for any of the uses listed – full options to customise by adding holes, split rings and name badge accessories. For further options visit our specific categories:

Available in all 9 of our metal finishes in 0.5mm and in white and brushed silver  finishes in 0.7mm.

Please check that your sizes are within the parameters stated for this item. These ‘variable’ items allow us to be completely flexible and provide you with a custom cut sample, or one-off item quickly. They are priced according to the number of items that we can cut from our sheets, based upon the maximum sizes. You may find that another ‘variable’ item is better for your needs if your sizes are far smaller than the minimum and maximum sizes stated. Conversely, if you choose sizes above the maximums, you may be asking us to cut your size at a loss. If you do this, we will have to refund the whole order for you to place correctly as we can not take additional payments AND issue correct paperwork for your order.

For sizes larger or smaller please check  our custom cut variable size items.


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Length – (mm)

I have checked my sizes against the Min/Max sizes allowed *

Please check that the dimensions chosen are within the minimum and maximum sizes allowed for this product. See the description for an explanation, but if outside the parameters above we will refund your whole order so it can be placed correctly.

Corner Options *

It is recommended that rounded corners are chosen if your product is to be handled, ie a Name Badge or Keyring. Notched corners are a nice alternative for Trophy Plaques –

Rounded corners +£0.05 Square corners £0.00 Notched corners, +£0.05

Hole Options *

No Holes Hole x 1 (corner) +£0.05 Hole x 1 (centre of one short side) +£0.08 Holes x 2 (centre of short sides) +£0.10 Holes x 2 (corners of one long side) +£0.10 Holes x 4 (corners) +£0.15

Split Ring Options

(you can choose more than one option)

Name Badge finishing options

(you can choose more than one option)