Elf On The Shelf Gift Set NOW with ARTWORK INCLUDED!



Setting up the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ everyday as a way of counting down to Christmas Day is very popular!

With this in mind, we have put together a pack to help give ideas and inspiration to anyone choosing to take on the task of thinking up 24 different activities and places for the Elf to be in – which sounds like it could be quite difficult!

You could use the Old Paper to create a fun letter from the Elf (or from Santa), and the Door Hanger for the 1st December to announce to the household that the Elf is back and up to more mischief!

The Pack also contains items that can become little games for the Elf to be playing – use the Tiny Gingerbread People and Stars with the 90 x 90 mm Square to create a festive themed Noughts and Crosses game, and print up the jigsaw pieces with a seasonal picture for the Elf to complete!

Create a little dry wipe board to count down to the big day, a passport or ID card, and more – let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities for this Pack!

This Pack includes:

  • x 4 Small Jigsaw Pieces
  • x 1 90 x 90 Square (with rounded corners)
  • x 5 Tiny Gingerbread People
  • x 5 Tiny Puffy Stars
  • x 1 63 x 63 mm Square (with rounded corners)
  • x 3 XL A6 Letters – ‘E’, ‘L’, and ‘F’
  • x 1 Large Vintage Key
  • x 1 73 mm Best Selling Bauble
  • x 1 XL A6 Trophy Shape
  • x 1 Door Hanger (with left facing hook)
  • x 1 85 x 54 mm Wallet Card with Heart Cut Outs (down the short side, with rounded corners)
  • x 1 XXL A5 Old Paper
  • x 1 XXL A5 Elf Boot
  • x 5 85 x 54 mm Business Cards
  • x1 150 x 150 mm Baby on Board Sign (with 1 diamond hanging hole)

Also included is:

  • x 1 102 x 102 mm Tin with 0.5 mm White Topper and Tape
  • Ribbon (in varying colours)
  • x 1 Eraser Topped Dry Wipe Pen and Magnet Square
  • x 1 Plastic Sucker and x 3 Clear Poly Bumps (for the Baby on Board sign)
  • An Ideas Sheet to get you started with mischievous ways to deploy your Elf!
  • AMAZING exclusive hand drawn/painted downloadable ARTWORK from our in-house designers – as pictured in the main photo –¬†so over ¬£15 worth included! To enable you to print up a full set and market immediately – also offer personalisation of this pack to your customers (by adding the names of children in the house) for even greater profit potential!

Available primarily in White 0.5 mm, with a few of our other 0.5 mm colours mixed in.

Amazing value Рat more than 50% off Р over £25 worth of items and £15 worth of FREE artwork,  for only £19.95!

Downloadable templates are available upon purchase!

Custom Cut items can be 2 – 5 days in production

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