Multi Charm Keyring Gift Set


This Multi Charm Keyring Gift Set is perfect for anyone! It can be personalised in so many different ways – the limit is your imagination!

Create lovely gifts for parents or grandparents with photos of children or grandchildren on, and why not use children’s own handwriting to create a truly unique piece? Celebrate a couple’s wedding day or birth of their baby with a thoughtful keepsake! Alternatively, this set can be used to display important medical information and allergies along with contact information in case of emergencies.

The charms are available in 0.5 mm White and Mirror Silver. The wallet card is available in 0.5 mm White or 0.5 mm Mirror or Brushed Silver.

This set contains:

  • Multi Charm Keyring (x2 40 x 15 mm charms, x1 25 mm circle, x1 25 mm split ring, and x3 12 mm split rings – as standard, but with the choice to add more charms)
  • Wallet Card – 85 x 54 mm (with rounded corners)
  • 96 x 59 x 21 mm Tin (with 0.5 mm White Topper), a choice of small presentation bags, or a smaller tin (81 x 53 x 16 mm, with 0.5 mm White Topper)

Please note that if you choose to get a wallet card with your set and would like everything to fit nicely in a tin, we recommend the 96 x 59 x 21 mm Tin as the 81 x 53 x 16 mm Tin will only fit the keyring in it!

For alternative flat split rings (Hearts, Stars, Ovals) click here.


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Please note that the 96 x 59 x 21 mm Tin fits both the keyring and the wallet card, whereas the 81 x 53 x 16 mm Tin and the 2 bags only fit the keyring properly.