Faceted Tall and Short Gem or Terrarium Shape


Two variations of Faceted Gem or Terrarium shapes (Tall and Short) to create all sorts of royal and treasure themed products! Great for engagement or anniversary photos – think Diamond engagement rings, Ruby weddings etc. etc… or even birth stone themed birthday photo gifts…   Also try turning them the other way up and using these shapes as cool Terrariums for plant themed items! Really useful shapes for those designers with imaginative flair…

Giant A4 and XXL A5 sizes can become wall art, dry wipe signs, and door plaques. Our smaller sizes such as the Large can be used as coasters, fridge magnets, and badges! Or try our Small, Tiny, and Extra Tiny sizes to create wonderful keyrings and jewellery charms or pendants.

Both are available in 6 sizes:

Faceted Tall Gem (Or Terrarium):

  • Giant A4 – 197 x 275 mm
  • XXL A5 – 141 x 197 mm
  • Large – 70 x 98 mm
  • Small – 35 x 50 mm
  • Tiny – 19 x 26 mm
  • Extra Tiny – 12 x 17 mm

Faceted Short Gem (Or Terrarium):

  • Giant A4 – 275 x 197 mm
  • XXL A5 – 197 x 141 mm
  • Large – 98 x 70 mm
  • Small – 50 x 35 mm
  • Tiny – 27 x 19 mm
  • Extra Tiny – 18 x 13 mm

Available in:

  • White 0.5 mm
  • Custom Cut in 0.7 mm White with a 35% surcharge
  • Custom Cut in 0.5 mm all other colours with a 30% surcharge – for these choose Custom Cut and add your choice to Order Notes at checkout

Please note that all Custom Cut items may be a 2 – 5 day turnaround.

Free downloadable templates are included!


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Metal Colour (Printable Side) and Thickness *

White 0.5 mm as standard, all other 0.5 mm colours and 0.7 mm White are available with a surcharge – listed below as Custom Cuts (so may increase the turnaround time of your order).