Luxury Coaster Gift Set


Our fabulous Coaster Set has been designed with new home owners, home decor and wedding keepsakes in mind!

The set includes 90 x 90 mm coasters in 0.5mm thickness, in a selection of colours and set sizes, with 5 x self-adhesive 8.5mm poly dome bumps for each supplied to apply after sublimation. For the ultimate practical gift, complete the set with either of our our beautiful square display/ storage boxes or tins with toppers to fit. Great for guest keepsakes at an event, as a gift or for a friend who has just bought their new home. 

Sets come in a selection of sizes:

  • Set of 4 90 x 90mm coasters (20 poly bumps)
  • Set of 6 90 x 90mm coasters (30 poly bumps)
  • Set of 8 90 x 90mm coasters (40 poly bumps)
  • Set of 10 90 x 90 mm coasters (50 poly bumps)

All in a set ready to order!

Available in a selection of metal finishes in 0.5mm (plus White in 0.7mm)

To secure the tin topper we use our Ultra Strong double sided tape… Click here to order yours!

 NB: the brushed finishes are the most scratch resistant


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