Mixed Railsigns (A4 and Postal) – White 0.5mm, Nicked Edge, Pack of 10



SALE items!

Will include a selection of A4 and Postal sizes.

Items in the sale section have been listed as the quality is not to the usual standard we would sell our products. Some products have been discontinued or are overstocked. The appearance is only affected to a minor degree but these do not affect the functionality of these products.

Crease – products which are creased include a slight indent on the surface of the metal. These can only be seen in a certain light and does not tend to affect the finish unless solid colours are used across the whole shape.

Tip: Choose design carefully

Scratched – slight damage to the protective film has occurred, which may result in small marks beneath.

Tip: Use a marker pen the same colour as your design to colour over any scratches.

Nicked Edge – The edges of the metal are not completely smooth and may have nicks in or out of the metal.

Tip: Use a small amount of sand paper to brush away from the sublimated edge, to create a smoother finish.

All items may come with or without holes

No returns

If you require further items or different options (colour/thickness etc) you can order using the original item (and price) here: Rail Sign/Totem


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