Advent Calendar


Our awesome new advent calendar – available (to start with in 2 designs) – an A4 version and a larger Tree shape in A3.

Comes with all the blank templates to allow you to print and assemble with ease (well OK, with a bit of time and patience but the end result is most definitely worth it – as the product has the wow factor!). You can use a main photo or image as the front picture and print each disc as part of the picture as shown on our family A4 version – or as for the Tree, you can put a different design on each bauble (disc!) / shape to create a pretty personalised tree that reveals secrets beneath!

It’s straightforward to design with our blank downloadable templates: You firstly print and press the back board with individual photos that totally cover the template holes (make them at least 3mm larger then the template holes) Then place your front design on the full template and print and press, and then repeat by printing in exactly the same place on the disc template (placing it behind the holes with the numbers showing over the design, lining up each punched disc or festive shape correctly and press as one sheet).

Then assemble: Place a split pin (brad) through each disc/shape and into the corresponding hole on the printed front board – pull out the pins to secure but don’t flatten them down. Apply the supplied double sided tape behind the pins in lines along the length of the back of the top board, flatten down the pins onto the tape. Apply tape all around the edge of the backing board, then line up the top board carefully and stick together. Voila! a full working personalised advent calendar – to reveal each photo, slide the disc to above the hole!if you have taped securely the split pin will hold the disc away so that each day you can open a new photo.

These can become reusable calendars – family heirlooms that come out every year – so can be sold at a premium price to your customers.

  • A4 Ricoh/Sawgrass (so also Epson) – 197 x 283mm, supplied with A4 metal back board, A4 metal top board with holes and split pin holes, 25 split pins and 24 x 25mm and 1 x 32mm discs and 15metres x double sided 3mm tape
  • Tree – Supergiant A3 – 283 x 405mm, supplied with A3 tree metal back board, A3 tree metal top board with holes and split pin holes, 25 split pins and 19 x 25mm and 1 x 32mm discs, 3 small stars, 2 small snowflakes and 15metres x double sided 3mm tape

Available as standard in

  • White 0.5mm,
  • Custom cut in 0.5mm brushed silver with a 20% surcharge
  • Custom cut in  0.5mm colours with a 40% surcharge – for these choose Custom Cut and add your choice to Order notes at checkout.

Please note all Custom cut items may be 2-5 day turnaround

Free downloadable templates included !



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Aluminium Colour and Thickness *

White 0.5mm as standard, all other 0.5mm colours available with a surcharge – listed below as custom cuts (so may increase the turnaround time of your order)

Finishing Options for XXL and Giant options *

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NONE 4 strong outdoor grade foam pads +£0.20 Self adhesive Hanger +£0.25 Ribbon - 50cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.20 Natural twine - 40cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.30 Ball Chain - 38cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.45 2 Screw Holes only (top fo hanging) +£0.08

ONLY if ribbon or ball chain selected from photo above

choose colour of chain or ribbon below (otherwise DON’T select)