NEW! ‘Love’ Charms and Pendants – 1.1mm Custom cut


Beautiful tiny and small ‘Love’ themed shapes, ideal for keyrings, earrings, necklaces or as charms on bracelets. Choose from BFF hearts or Angel wings (supplied a s a set of two pieces), classic cross, jigsaw piece, or any of our four hearts in tiny, classic, puffy, traditional, folk and classic in XS. Make wonderful gifts on their own or as part of a set.

  • Jigsaw piece – tiny 22 x 22mm
  • Jigsaw piece – small 42 x 42 mm
  • Angel wings / BFF heart (both halves) – tiny 10 x 17mm each half
  • Angel wings / BFF heart (both halves) – small 16 x 28mm each half
  • Angel wings / BFF heart (both halves) – medium 24 x 42mm each half
  • Cross – tiny 19x26mm
  • Cross – small 34 x 45 mm
  • Heart Traditional – tiny 20 x 18mm
  • Heart Folk – tiny 20 x 26mm
  • Heart Puffy – tiny 16 x 15mm
  • Heart Classic – tiny 16 x 14mm
  • Heart Classic -XS 31 x 28mm

Choose from our selection of  jump or split rings, add chain for necklaces – silver plated chain, snake chain or ball chain.

Select silver plated earring hooks to turn you pendants into earrings or choose silver ball chain or silver plated fine necklace chain or snake chain to create a wonderful necklace.

Alternatively adhere a brooch back and make a ‘lurverly’ brooch!                                                

Machine cut in 1.1mm double sided white or Hi gloss white as standard – all3other 1.1mm colours available 

Choose none, one 3mm hole central, or for the hearts, an offset hole, or the cross and jigsaw pieces 2 holes.

Also available – a selection of packaging to display your ‘Lurve’ offering in style lol!

Free downloadable templates included !


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Aluminium Colour and Thickness * 

White 0.5mm as standard, all other 0.5mm colours are available surcharged below and custom cut (may increase turnaround time)

Hole options * 

Finishing Options * 

(more than one option per item can be selected)

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