Pandora Style 925 Sterling Silver Heart Charm with Sublimation Insert


Beautiful Pandora style in 925 Sterling Silver heart charm with sublimation aluminium insert available in White 0.5 mm as standard, or Custom Cut in Mirror Silver 0.5 mm (+£1).

Beautiful charm to slide onto standard pandora bracelet (or other bracelets) supplied with sublimation insert – makes a wonderful personalised gift for Mothers Day, birthdays or special occasions.

9 x 8 mm approx. (custom cut insert size)

Inserts will need to be glued or taped into the bead. We sell a super strong adhesive here that is perfect for the job: Ultra strong tape

Extra/spare inserts can be ordered here: Pandora/Nomination inserts only

PLEASE NOTE: bead and insert – no bracelet supplied. Also, the insert for this charm is a different size to the the standard, non sterling silver bead we sell.

Please note that Custom Cut items can be 2 – 5 days turnaround.


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