Updated! Pendant/Charm Settings – Round and Square with Inserts (Packs of 5)


Various size and styles of Square and Round Jewellery Pendant Settings, sold in Packs of 5 of one style or in a Mixed Pack of 5.

They can be used as pendants for necklaces, added to bracelets as charms, or even used as keyring charms by attaching a split ring. Consider also using them for decorations and memorial or bouquet markers.

Listed below are the sizes of insert:


  • 16 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 38 mm

Round with Moon:

  • 18 mm


  • 20 mm
  • 25 mm

Available are both Single Sided and Double Sided Pendants in a few different finishes: Silver Plated/Silver Effect, Antique Silver, Antique Gold, and Antique Bronze.

The Inserts are available in a range of our 0.5 mm colours, or you can select ‘Matching Insert’ and we will choose the closest insert colour to the Pendant Setting. Please be aware that the colour of insert will effect the print – if you want the colours to match your design on the screen, it is best to choose a White insert.

Adhere the supplied sublimation insert (or inserts if your chosen pendant setting is double sided!) after printing with any strong craft glue or double sided tape. We recommend our Ultra thin, strong double sided tape (this is not supplied – please follow this link to order if interested: Double sided tape).

For a luxury finish we offer the choice to add optional Polydomes (in 25 mm and 16 mm sizes only). Also choose from a selection of Necklaces and Split Rings/Extra Connectors to create any kind of product that you want!


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Matching Size Insert – Your Colour Choice * 

Choose ‘Matching Insert’ if you want us to choose the closest insert colour to the pendant setting colour you have chosen. Choose White if you want your colours to print the closest to how they appear on screen.

Optional Self Adhesive Polydomes for 25 mm and 16 mm Sizes Only

Add a luxury finish with a clear polydome covering.

Split Ring and Extra Connector Options (Packs of 5) * 

Necklace Options (Packs of 5) *