Custom/Bespoke cut designs or Custom resize of existing items SET UP REQUEST



This form is to order brand new custom/bespoke shapes or custom resizes of any of our existing shapes or items.

New custom/bespoke shapes can be ANY shape and include internal cut outs of more than 3mm diameter (holes, slits etc)

If you have a vector (.ai or vector .pdf ) file please choose this and upload it, or we can also accept .dxf or .eps files (you just can’t upload them too our site unfortunately) but you can email them separately.

You can use the Pricing grids shown above to see an approx price of a re-size or custom shape in standard White 0.5mm, Custom cut colour (any other )0.5mm, White 0.7mm and hi gloss white and silver plus double sided white 1.1mm Chroma luxe.

If your file is either:

  • a bitmap image – jpeg, pdf, word file etc. that needs converting, please choose this option to add the ¬£20 charge for converting the file (Please note: the image needs to be of a decent quality to convert, if it is a very rough, pixelated image you will receive a very rough, bumpy edged sample!)¬†Bitmap file it MUST be in a silhouette style (i.e. single colour shape)
  • or from a proper scale diagram
  • or marked up diagram (with all measurements listed)

The price will then be:

  • from ¬£12 for the item to listed as a new custom size, colour or thickness, with no sample for re-sizes of our already listed machine cut shapes/items ONLY and checkout with “local pickup” selected.
  • for all other shapes, re-sizes with samples or custom/bespoke from ¬£17.00 for 0.5mm white metal, (plus options and shipping cost)
  • an extra ¬£15 charge will be added if the item is to be an exact insert fit (choose vector as your file type – total charge will be from ¬£27 – no sample, but we will always check fit against your item)
  • all prices plus VAT

Turnaround for samples will be 14 working days.

Once the sample has been received and approved, we will add the item to the site as follows:

  • If the item is a generic, recognisable design, AND we think it is a commercially viable product, then we will add this to the site as a standard Custom Cut shape or stock shape available to others to purchase and you may also, if agreed, receive an originator’s discount on ongoing purchases, making the item cheaper for you than other customers. We may require minimum purchase quantities (as listed on the pricing grids)
  • Even if agreed that your item is a unique design that you have created – anything you are likely to be able to copyright as originated as your own design, we will at present only add the item to the site as above as a Custom cut shape on the same terms as above, and again be available for all to order, as a stock item held in stock on the shelf.
  • If your item is too similar to items we already cut (in design style or size) or not commercially viable to others we may still add it to our site as a Custom cut shape, with no originator discount and a minimum order amount as listed on the pricing grids.

We reserve the right to add minimum order amounts to custom or bespoke items at any time and or remove from sale or offer to other customers if not ordered after 12 months.



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