Spare clock hands and / or spare mechanisms (ticking or sweep)


Sets of spare hands for our clock faces with or without an option to add a standard (ticking) or luxury sweep (almost silent) mechanism (along with the nut and washers) or choose a mechanism without hands. If required please choose your size of hands from the options available below:

  • Small hands measure: hour hand 26mm, minute hand 39mm and second hand 35mm and are suitable for our small square, small round desk clocks, CD sized square and round and our small offset rectangular clock.
  • Medium hands measure: hour 39mm, minute 56mm and second 50mm and are suitable for our medium square, medium round wall clocks and our large offset rectangular clock.
  • Large hands measure: hour 60mm, minute 75mm and second 72mm and are suitable for our large square, and large round wall clocks (both 190 and 203mm versions).
  • Extra large hands measure: hour 87mm, minute 120mm and second 78mm. Suitable for our extra large square wall clock.

(All hands measured from centre of hand hole to tip and are approximate)



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