‘Standard’ Shaped Placemats and Pot Stands


A selection of our ‘Standard’ shapes that are perfect for creating unique placemats and pot stands for the dining table! Personalise them with photos, artwork, or thoughtful quotes to create beautiful products that everyone will love!

Consider using the bigger sizes as a ‘centrepiece’ placemat for the table, or even creating a set with a mix of sizes to stand various bowls and plates of food on for buffets and parties!

Choose from clear poly bumps or cork bumps when creating your placemat or pot stand. Or, why not try adding an extra layer of luxury to your item by choosing an MDF back instead of cork or poly bumpers? – this will create a more substantial placemat or pot stand!

Supergiant A3:

  • Heart (Classic) – 350 x 283 mm
  • Heart (Puffy) – 306 x 283 mm
  • Hexagon – 295 x 256 mm
  • Oval (Classic) – 405 x 283 mm
  • Star – 283 x 297 mm

Giant A4:

  • Heart (Classic) – 240 x 197 mm
  • Heart (Puffy) – 213 x 197 mm
  • Hexagon – 216 x 188 mm
  • Oval (Classic) – 283 x 197 mm
  • Star – 207 x 197 mm


  • 280 mm Circle (fits on A3 Ricoh/Sawgrass/Epson)
  • 190 mm Circle (fits on A4 Ricoh/Sawgrass/Epson)

Available in White 0.5 mm as standard, but also available as a Custom Cut in all of our other 0.5 mm colours as well as in 0.7 mm White – simply choose Custom Cut and add your colour choice to Order Notes where instructed.

Free downloadable templates for these shapes (excluding the circles) are available upon purchase!


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Metal Colour and Thickness *

Bumper Options *

Choose from Clear Poly or Cork Bumpers. Please select “No Bumpers” if you are choosing MDF backs instead.

No Bumpers x 6 Cork Bumpers (19 mm) +£0.39 x 6 Clear Poly Bumpers (8.5 mm) +£0.29 x 7 Cork Bumpers (19 mm) +£0.45 x 7 Clear Poly Bumpers (8.5 mm) +£0.32

MDF Option *

Please select “No MDF Back’ if you are choosing Poly or Cork Bumpers. Otherwise, select the correct MDF Back for the size of the shape you have chosen.