Sublimation Paper A3




A3 Sublimation paper for use with the entire range of desktop sublimation printers. 

We stock three types of Sublimation paper. All of which are good universal substrate papers. 

  • TruePix Classic by Sawgrass (Industry Standard – best quality for all printers) £24.95
  • Xpres Sublimation paper (Best for older Ricoh and Epsons) £22.65
  • Xpres SubliPrint Premium (Best for newer Epsons and Virtuosos – Certified by Sawgrass for use with the Virtuoso Print Manager (VPM) please note: Not recommended for use with SubliFlock) £21.05 

Each pack contains 100 sheets.

Additional information

Paper type

TruePix Classic, Xpres Sublimation, Xpres SubliPrint Premium

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