Ultra-Gloss White front / Antique Matt Back (anti-scratch)


Our latest product, this metal is printable on both sides and gives two different finishes. One side is Ultra-Gloss white and the reverse has an anti-scratch coating which we have discovered is printable and gives an antique matt finish. Perfect for creative uses, such as in the Word Art pictured: Both the word ‘Birthday’ and the butterflies are cut and printed on the hi shine Ultragloss front, then mounted 3D, which highlights them against the Antique matt finish on the reverse of the metal underneath, for a striking two tone effect!

Further testing has revealed the matt reverse does start to show signs of fading after 4-6 weeks so this finish should be regarded as a patterned back and not sold as a permanent effect – please run tests yourself to see what we mean.

Now available in a range of products which are even more saleable with a scratch free back or finished with a printed reverse (with the caveat about fading above) such as Bookmarks, Keyrings and Business Cards and also items like our standard door plaque which could then be used as an Open / Shut door sign.

This option is a little bit more expensive as we will ensure that the backs of these products are completely mark free before posting. Please choose “Ultra-Gloss White/Antique Matt Back” as the aluminium colour option for mark free backs. This metal is 0.5mm thick and is available up to 1200mm x 600mm.

This printable reverse could also be useful for branding your products, like signs or plaques with your own logo and contact details or repeating the front side onto the reverse to make a more finished item for hanging decorations, shapes or jewellery pendants (again with the caveat that the image will fade a little over time)

17311450_1006006586210512_1355458444_obuttefly close up17342007_1006006692877168_2008979550_o17356944_1006006696210501_1818619135_o


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