UPDATED! Snowflakes – Traditional and Modern


Traditional and Modern Christmas snowflake shapes (single sided) , which can be hung as a bauble or pendant, used as a novelty brooch, keyring, coaster or baby on board sign as a wall/fridge magnet sign.

Available in 0.5 mm thick in white and mirror silver in sizes from the Small bauble/fridge magnet/brooch/pendant/keyring, to Medium Coaster size (how about creating a lovely seasonal coaster set as a keepsake to use each winter) to Medium or Large tree decoration size, and XL or XXL A5 for a window hanging sign to the NEW! A4 Giant or A3 Supergiant size as a Large sign or even a fabulous decorative Mirror!

(Sizes approximate across points – so diameter of circle it would fit in):

Snowflake Traditional

  • Tiny: 22 mm
  • Small: 36 mm
  • Medium: 50 mm
  • NEW! Supergiant A3: 326 mm

Snowflake Modern:

  • Medium: 60 mm

Snowflake Traditional and Modern:

  • Large: 89 mm
  • XL A6: 120 mm
  • XXL A5: 170 mm
  • NEW! Giant A4: 227 mm

The large, XL and XXL A5  are also great as bunting or “Count down to Christmas’ or ‘Santa’s Wish List’ Sign or as decorative fridge magnets – Or – as shown order 3 snowflakes and the triptych chain set for each one, to make a fabulous Seasonal triptych as shown in XL size!

Available in White or Mirror silver as standard in 0.5mm thickness – all other colours Custom cut with a surcharge in 0.5mm (choose Custom cut and put choice in Order notes at checkout)  and 0.7mm in White.

Free downloadable blank templates are available upon purchase of this product!

Please note custom cut or bulk discounted items are 2 – 5 days turnaround.



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Aluminium Colour and Thickness *

White 0.5mm as standard, all other 0.5mm colours and 0.7mm white are available with a surcharge – listed below as custom cuts (so may increase the turnaround time of your order)

Finishing Options for XXL A5, Giant and Supergiant options *

Hover over images for descriptions

NONE 4 strong outdoor grade foam pads +£0.20 Fridge Magnet Strip 8cm x 2 +£0.15 Self adhesive Hanger +£0.35 Self adhesive hanger x 2 +£0.59 Plastic sucker with hook (inc 1 hole top) +£0.29 Ribbon - 50cm (inc 2 holes ) +£0.20 Natural twine - 40cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.30 Ball Chain - 38cm (inc 2 holes) +£0.45 Ball chain 25cm (inc 1 hole) +£0.35 2 holes only +£0.08 1 hole only +£0.05 MDF back for A4 Giant options only +£1.50 MDF back for A3 Super Giant options only +£2.50 Dry Wipe Pen with eraser (plus magnet) +£0.85

Finishing Options for XL, Large, Medium, Small and Tiny *

Hover over photo for description

NONE Tassel for Large to create bookmark +£0.19 Fridge Magnet Strip x 4cm +£0.05 Plastic sucker and 1 hole (top) +£0.29 Ribbon - 50cm (inc 1 holes top) +£0.20 Ball Chain - 25cm (incl. 1 hole top) +£0.35 Ball Chain - 15cm (incl. 1 hole top) +£0.25 10cm ball chain (inc hole top) +£0.19 Badge Pin 30mm (self adhesive) for Small only +£0.15 20mm Split Ring (incl. hole, offset for keyring) +£0.10 Coaster poly domes x 7 (for M or L) +£0.29 Silver plated jewellery chain (inc hole ,top) +£0.95 Ball chain - 76cm (incl. hole, top ) +£0.59 Triptych hanging chain set-silver (order 3 XL with this option and receive 1 set) +£0.24 1 screw holes only +£0.05 2 screw holes only +£0.08 Dry Wipe Pen with eraser (plus magnet) +£0.85

ONLY if ribbon or ball chain selected from photo above

choose colour of chain or ribbon below (otherwise DON’T select)