MARCH 2020 newsletter

Wedding inspiration, NEW flamingos and wine bottles

Happy March Everyone!

Our new website is nearly ready for launch and we’re working really hard behind the scenes to get it ready. It is a complete re-brand for us and so we’re busy making sure it’s as glitch free as possible, which is taking a lot of work! It’s pretty busy here as we’re also trying to launch new products every month and make sure your orders are still going out correctly and on time! Our new “Cut above (the rest)” range is proving really popular and so we’ve added lots of others this month and have plans to add more in the near future – different versions and also a range of sizes – send in any suggestions you have for other ‘cut above’ words!

Seasonal / Marketing Ideas
Spring is in the air and we’re all starting to think about the summer time and lighter nights. Mother’s Day is at the end of this month and then it’s Easter on Sunday 12th April. We have lots of Easter shapes, from your free sample Easter egg to rabbits and crosses. We’re also launching some new trendy shapes this month, a llama / Alpaca and a flamingo, great for wall art and teenagers, as well as adding to our “cut above” range. After that then it is time to focus on our second busiest time of year – Father’s Day – which we will be highlighting next month – with exciting new shapes for that special man in your life. Our plant markers are fab if you’re giving spring flowers and our clocks are great for counting down the days until summer – why not print up with a photo of the holiday destination that you’re dreaming can’t come quickly enough!?!

New Products

March/ April free gift
This month we’re giving you an free Easter egg with every order! Not a chocolate one, sorry! lol but a metal one – ideal for Easter bunting , as a label on an Easter gift or if you don’t celebrate Easter then upside down it becomes a fabulous balloon decoration! Each FREE egg/balloon is a medium sized (77 x 56mm) in 0.5mm white with a hole and ribbon for hanging – retailing at 79p. We love this item – it is so versatile we offer the shape in 9 different sizes from tiny (21x15mm) at 35p to supergiant A3 for £3.75, white as standard and all other 0.5 and 0.7mm finishes as custom cut.

March Special Offer 
This month our offer continues on our packs. We’re offering a further 10% of all our starter and bumper packs throughout Feb and March. This is your chance to sample our range and experiment with new products and grow your business in 2020…But be quick! …. offer ends on March 31st.

Customer ‘Share to win’ photos
Thank you to Ian Knight for these gorgeous large prints showing our 0.7 & 0.5mm white aluminium sheet at its very best. Gorgeous vibrant colours and a superb glossy finish – at a decent price too! The new 750mm x 500mm for Adkins Omega (printed here with stunning tulips) starts at £9.40 and the A2 approx(shown here with a beautiful butterfly image) starts from just £5.95 in 0.5mm white – other colours, finishes and thicknesses are available – Ian gets a £10 voucher off his next order for sending these pics (you can too, if you send us yours to share !)

Is there any way to see all your products in one place? Can I visit Subli Metals?
Yes you can! We have a showroom here at our site in Mappleton, East Yorkshire. It includes printed examples of every item that we sell and groups items into sections. You can see blank items, examples of every colour and finish that we sell as well as look at all of our packs, both starter and bumper packs. You can visit any time Monday- Friday 9.30 – 3pm as long as you book in advance. We can talk you through our product ranges, discuss what you currently sell and suggest items which would compliment your existing business and help it to grow. Our showroom is a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration for 2020 – to visit just email us or ring 01964 244620 to arrange your time.

Shortage / Damage / Incorrect item Notification PLEASE READ!

  • Before your order is despatched, it is checked twice by different staff to ensure it is 100% complete and accurate. We then record and file who processed, packed and checked your order. We aim for 100% satisfaction, so want you to be completely happy with our products and service.
  • However we know that sometimes things go wrong (we’re only human after all!) – we might have missed something from your order, sent the wrong item or it may have become damaged in transit. Alternately you may have ordered the wrong amount, item, size, colour or fixings.
  • So if you open your parcel and it’s not what you were expecting – complete our shortage / damage notification on our website, add it to cart and submit it as an order. This adds it to our schedule as an order, so it is visible, trackable and can be processed by any of our staff. We need this completing within 7 days of receiving your order.
  • Please DO NOT email us, as they can be missed, and even if not, it will just delay the process whilst we ask you to complete the Shortage / damage notification. We aim to deal with all issues as swiftly as possible but can only do so once this form has been submitted – it will also allow you to upload photos to help show the issue and may mean we do not need items returning. BUT please do not discard any used or unused items, as we may need to inspect them to sort the issue out – we will advise this once we have received the notification form

Happy Subbing!
Kind Regards
Nicci, Carl, Bev, Claire, Sam, Aimee, Charlotte, Emily, Rachel, Clover and Petal – the Subli Metals team!


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Sample Policy

We are happy to offer samples of many of our products to our customers. In fact most of you know that we add sample packs of new or promotional products to your orders as a matter of course! Please follow the link to find out how to order them...

Shortage, damage or incorrect order Notification

Please use this form to let us know of any issues with our order, to access our 100% satisfaction Guarantee

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As trade wholesalers, we have a minimum order of £39 plus VAT with this offset at only £95 by CARRIAGE PAID shipping!

Share to Win Policy

If you email us examples of our metal that you have printed up and allow us to share them to our customers we will send you a £10 money off coupon!