Summer Shutdown, Halloween + Christmas! ☀️🎃

Our Summer Shutdown is quickly approaching! So another reminder that from bank holiday Monday 28th August to the 1st September we will be closed. We re-open again on Monday 4th September, ready and refreshed! Please make sure you order EARLY the week before shut down, as we are always busy and if you order over the break, please be patient as it will take us a couple of days to get on top of the orders again when we return.

This update we’re starting to dive further into ideas for Halloween and Christmas – to get your inspiration going! – while also taking a look at some of our newest products. We have some fantastic designs from our Design Teams to take a look at…

Crafti Metals is now on Instagram! We have recently created an instagram account for our sister site – Crafti Metals. Here we intend on showing off all sorts of crafting techniques you can use on our metal, as well as give inspiration for your own craft projects. Please go ahead and give @craftimetals a follow!

Important Dates:

  • Summer Shutdown – 28th August to 1st September (We re-open Monday 4th September!)

July/August Free Gift

The Free Gift for July and August is one of our new Freestanding Tokens! We decided to add a range of freestanding tokens in some of our recently added new shapes – the Pawn, Lego ‘Minifig’ and our Meeple – in a range of mini sizes to be used for board game tokens.

We thought we’d include one of these in your orders this time, to sample our idea of using the tab at the bottom of a shape (which is easily folded after printing over the edge of a table or desk) to create a 3D self standing item! We sell a range of trophies, clocks and signs that are produced with these bendable stands – so this a chance for you to sample how great they work.

July/August Special Offer

July and August’s Special Offer is 20% off ANY of our Freestanding Items! Hurry to take advantage, as the offer ends 31st August!

New Products

These ‘HOT OF THE PRESS ” products each have a story: The mushroom is Nicci’s daughter’s own design as she joined our marketing team for a week’s work experience as a Year 10 student last month. She was tasked with designing a shape and saw through the whole process from design, to manufacture, to website listing, and even the artwork on the shape and the photography you see on the finished item! We think she did a great job and hope you like it as much as we do!

The Angel of the North and Deco clock are both customer requested – the former through our Wishlist item and the later through our paid for process of Quote Request/Set Up – both produce items on our site for you all to buy (the only way we now take bespoke item requests is if you are happy to share the items to all customers) the difference being, if you pay for it we start work immediately, if you wish list the item. and we agree to add it, we will work on it as and when our schedule allows, depending if it fits in with themes we are looking at or not.

It’s been a busy month for customer request – both Wish list and Paid for (Quote Request/Set Up) – it’s great to see people coming up with new ideas and looking positively to the future – we are working our way through each new project as quick as we can – more new ‘customer led’  products to follow next month!

Halloween and Christmas Ideas!

Halloween is fast approaching! Take a look at our great range of shapes and products that can be utilised for the occasion.

Milestone keepsakes for families are a lovely idea, why not create a cute ‘Baby’s First Halloween’ or ‘First Trick or Treating Trip’ plaque? A brilliant item that will be treasured for years to come!

Halloween is also a perfect opportunity to lean into magical and witchcraft themed products. From wall art and bookmarks to bag charms and keyrings – there’s something for everyone to enjoy! And for anyone throwing a fun party this Halloween, our Build Your Own Halloween Party Pack is a brilliant choice that offers an array of options to create decorations and table markers!

Now onto Christmas – nice and early to allow you plenty of time to decide which of our products you’re going to stock up on or try out! – Be sure to check out our entire range of Christmas Products. We have lots of shapes to be used for tree decorations, advent calendars, dry wipe Christmas Lists, and also some brilliant gift sets.

New Shape Showcase!

The Lego Style ‘Minifig’ Shape and Pawn Piece Shape have just recently been launched! These brilliant shapes fit great into our Board Game theme alongside the Meeple Shape.

Speaking of Board Games, we now have free standing versions of the Meeple, Lego Style Figure, and Pawn available on our New! Freestanding Game Tokens listing. These come with an extra tab which you can easily bend back after printing to create some fun personalised tokens or playing pieces!

We have another addition to our new range of Gym Shapes! Alongside our Dumbbell, Kettlebell, and Gym Weight Shapes we now have a brand new Boxing Glove Shape! Fantastic for any Boxing fanatics out there – but it can also double up as a mitten for the winter season!

We also have two brand new Bike Shapes – a Leisure Bike and a Racing Bike! These fit nicely into our ‘Exercise’ theme too but are also great for any sport related products, or maybe even for the Olympics (which are next year!)…

Our Raindrop Shape has been updated! We used to only offer this shape in 1.1mm Chromaluxe, but we have now made it available in our 0.5mm and 0.7mm thicknesses. The Raindrop does have a smaller selection of sizes than we would usually offer on a shape however, this is due to it being quite similar to our existing Balloon/Egg Shape – but both shapes can be used together if needed!

Leading on from the Raindrop, the Cloud and Raindrop Hanging Decoration has also just launched! This is a fantastic decoration for both the garden and the house, and can be printed up to be used in many different ways. It could be a purely decorative piece printed with artwork or family photos, but you could also make it practical by using it as a garden sign or marker!

Fantasy Themed Shapes and Sneak Peeks!

Our project in the July/August Newsletter was about all things themed around Fantasy, Forests, and Gardens. So of course we had to start looking into what exciting new shapes we could design to fit into this theme…

The next to launch shapes include: A Top Hat Shape (great for Mad Hatter or Magic themed products, but also for Weddings and formal events!) and 3 Playing Card Suit Shapes – a Club, Spade, and Diamond (we already have our Puffy heart to match them) ! All of these shapes are available in a range of sizes to suit every product need, especially with a fantasy theme.

We also have a few more new shapes in the works for you to look forward to, so make sure to keep an eye out for a Frog and Fairy shapes, Cogs and Pipes shapes along with Hot Air Balloon and Lightbulb shapes to complement our Steampunk and Fantasy themes plus a new Holly leaf and Tombstone shape for those upcoming seasonal projects…


Kind Regards,
Nicci, Carl, Claire, Caroline, Pippa, Jodie, Emily, Louise, Tina, Lisa, Jo, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals Team!

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