Fantastical Gardens!

Fantasy Forest and Garden Themed Products! ūü™ĄūüĆ∑

Project 030: Fantastical Gardens!

In this project, we’ll be exploring a range of our products that can be themed to the outdoors – specifically for gardens with a dash of fantasy too! We have a few new products that fit perfectly into this theme, plus tons of great ideas and designs from both our own and customer Design Teams!

From practical items to decorative pieces, and everything in-between, there’s something to suit everyone…

Alice In Wonderland Inspired!

The genre of Fantasy is beloved by many (and can also take lots of different forms!), so it is a great area to market into. Consider wall art, keyring, and fridge magnet keepsakes from specific pieces of Fantasy Media (including books, films, video games, and board games).

We decided to hone in on an Alice In Wonderland inspired twist to this Fantasy theme, and our external Design Team have done a range of fantastic designs for us!

We have so many shapes that can fit into the theme of Fantasy including: the Teapot, Teacup, Victorian Frame, Circular Sun Gem, Oblong Gem, Tall and Short Faceted Gems, Mason Jar, Unicorn Head, Hexagon, and Octagon.

You could also create stained glass window designs for beautiful pieces of wall art, or even as hanging decorations for the garden!

Products For The Garden!

Products such as the Flowerpot, Daisy, Mason Jar, Butterfly, Rail Sign, Arrow, and the Garden Markers/Plant Markers (just to name a few…) work brilliantly when used as Garden Signs and Decorations! Consider creating signs for vegetable or flower patches, herb gardens, greenhouses, and sheds – you can even offer personalisation for an extra special touch!

Other practical items for the garden are Gate Signs, print them up with messages such as: ‘Please Close the Gate’ or ‘Beware of the Dog’ – any of our Standard Sizes or Shapes will work for these signs!

A brilliant way to add a splash of personalisation to an otherwise plain item would be keyrings! Label up keys for the Shed, Workshop, or Garage for ease of access – we have a range of shapes to cover all sorts of themes and interests! You could even pair them with our Key Holders

Fantasy Themed Shapes Sneak Peek!

We have a nice selection of existing shapes that can fit into the Fantasy and Garden theme of this project! Our Gem Shapes are fantastic for this theme – they can become magical fairy doors, mystical gems, or even fancy shaped mirrors using our Mirror Silver or Mirror Gold finishes! The Leaf and any of our Flower Shapes are also brilliant for any nature themed products.

We’ve decided to include a quick sneak peek at some of the new Fantasy and Garden themed shapes that will be coming very soon! Currently in the works are: a Top Hat Shape (perfect for any Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter inspired designs!), Playing Card Suits – including a Club, Spade, and Diamond Shape, a Frog Shape, and a Mushroom Shape! Stay tuned for these fun shapes launching in the near future…

Practical and Decorative Products!

Our Cloud and Raindrop Hanging Decoration is a brand new product that we have just launched!

Choose from 3 sizes of Cloud and 2 different hole amounts, and then choose your Raindrop and Gem mix to hang from the Cloud! We offer lengths of clear nylon string, ball chain, natural twine and ribbon (in your choice of colour) for you to cut to size yourself. In our example pictured we have used nylon string – it’s a bit trickier to tie than the other options but is worth the effort, as it gives a magical effect.

These decorations can be printed up and personalised in any way that you see fit, and work great both as outdoor and indoor decorations!

On the topic of how our metal performs outside, we do offer some 1.1 mm thick EXT metal (which is designed to not fade outdoors), however this is more expensive and we don’t offer it in as many shapes and sizes as we do with our standard metal.

We have found (from experience of having metal pieces outside here at our site) that our Standard 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm Metal hold up well outside. You will find that after a while the print will start to fade a bit – and placement matters, so it will fade quicker if it is placed in an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight – but overall it still performs well.

We’ve been asked by a handful of our customers about Wind Spinners recently – we are looking into this as a potential idea, we are not sure if we can produce them yet, but we will keep you updated…

One of the brilliant members of our team here at Subli Metals – Tina – took some of our products and used various crafting techniques on them to create this lovely Fairy Garden scene! So many mediums can be used on our metal so if this is something you are interested in trying out, head on over to for more information and ideas!

There are tons more ideas for practical and decorative products for the garden – much more than we could cover here! – so let your inspiration run wild…

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