Christmas is Coming!

Get a head start preparing for Christmas with these amazing ideas!

Getting ready for Christmas is always an exciting time and now is as good a time as any to start talking about our Christmas Products (even though it’s only July!). We have some new products coming out as well as some updates on older products, so now is the perfect time to start getting your orders in!

People love using unique decorations at Christmas, and we have a number of products perfect for this, including our extensive range of traditional and contemporary Baubles and our bird and bell shapes which have been specially updated with new sizes.

Many of our products also make amazing personalised gifts for friends and family, complete with cute little gift boxes and tins suitable for jewellery, keyrings, and bear hugs Рusing our new bear shape!

Along with our new bear shape, we also have a new penguin shape, but we still have some old favourites available such as the advent calendar, snowpeople, snowflake, snowglobe, and many more in our Christmas category!

Dazzling Decorations!

It’s great to get the whole family involved in decorating the house for Christmas! And what better way to catch their interest than by having beautifully personalised decorations to adorn the house with!

Hanging up a stocking at Christmas is a tradition for many families, and our¬†Stocking Wall Art¬†and¬†Stocking shapes¬†are a perfect way to put a new spin on an old tradition! Personalise them with names or choose a bigger size stocking and use the dry wipe feature to set up a wish list for the kids…or for yourself!

Our¬†set of 9 reindeer with Santa in his sleigh¬†makes a wonderful decoration to hang on the wall year after year! Whether you label each reindeer with their name or give them all unique designs, they will look amazing and be a great addition to anyone’s festive display.

Sell It To Them!

The run up to Christmas can sometimes be as exciting as the day itself! Here are 2 ideas to help you prepare in style:

1. ADVENT CALENDAR: Check out our advent calendar to offer a beautiful countdown to Christmas with a personal touch! Each number revealed can show a different picture or memory from the past year; a perfect way to celebrate!

2.¬†SNOWMAN COUNTDOWN:¬†Using our Snowman shape in the “Giant Wall Clock” size, we have tried something different and made an awesome countdown to Christmas Snowman face! This is another great way to keep track on the run up to the big day!

Winter Wildlife!

BIRD: Our bird shape has been updated and now has 6 sizes to choose from! It is perfect as a personalised Christmas decoration or given as a special gift to a bird-lover. This shape is not just for Christmas however, and can become any bird you want it to be!

BEAR:¬†Our new Bear shape is perfect for the Winter season! It can be used as a polar bear hanging decoration, wall art, or sent as a cute little “bear hug” to a loved one. This shape is also not just for Winter and Christmas, and can be designed as any type of bear you want!

PENGUIN: We also have a new Penguin shape! With a range of sizes to choose from, this cool shape can be used to display your own penguin family, and become great hanging decorations or jewellery charms.

Stunning Ways To Showcase Gifts!

Our A4 3D Focus Panels will make excellent gifts! A choice of shape for the overlay in a contrasting metal to the satin silver matte of the background creates a stunning 3D effect. They work brilliantly in our aluminium frames that feature a snap shut mechanism, which allows you to easily change the artwork displayed no matter the occasion! See how easy they are to use in our demonstration video on the website listing for our frames!

Looking for ways to stylishly show off jewellery or keyrings?… We have two sizes of¬†small black press stud display boxes, along with a range of different shaped and sized¬†tins¬†that are perfect for housing¬†bear hugs,¬†jewellery,¬†keyrings, and¬†napkin rings. All of the aforementioned products make wonderful gifts for family or friends, complete with a personal touch!

The Standard Bell shape has been updated and is now available in 7 different sizes! This simple but effective bell shape works great for a special Christmas decoration, or even as a personalised Wedding decoration to make a special day even more so (try using a split pin to join two bell shapes together to make a double bell shape!). We then used our tins to showcase this special gift. The tins are great for keeping gifts safe and together but even more brilliant because they come with a topper which you can personalise and sublimate too!

Don’t forget about our wonderful¬†wreaths! They come with a wide range of different options, ready for any occasion, and we have one specially for Christmas with festive stars and stockings to hang from it. They make beautiful decorations for walls or doors!

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