Classy Colourful Clocks!

A fun Clock Project with brilliant designs and some new products! 🕰️

Project 032: Classy Colourful Clocks!

Clocks are so versatile! They make brilliant gifts for anyone since they can be designed for all sorts of themes and occasions – not to mention the personalisation possibilities…

Above all, clocks are very practical – but they don’t have to be boring! – they can be placed in any room to brighten up the space and add a touch of character. We have all kinds of shapes and sizes within our range of clocks, and we even have some brand new fancy shaped clocks, a new Luxury ‘Floating Image’ Giant 3D Wall Clock Set, a New! Luxury Medium Clock Gift Set, and a new Clever Clocks Pack, and a Bumper Collection to show off too!

We will be exploring a wide range of themes to demonstrate just how much you can do with these products… (and a quick tip for ordering: all our clocks are sold as face only and you can choose to add the mech/hands as an option).

Standard Shaped Clocks!

Our Standard Shaped Clocks are simple but elegant, and make a perfect addition to any room in the house, office, workshop, shop or cafe.

We offer a selection of Round, Square, and Rectangular clocks – ranging from small and medium to large and XL, with our Budget Square and Rectangular options offering unbeatable value! You’re sure to find one that will match your – and your customer’s! – needs (and pocket!) the best.

As you can see from the examples pictured, there are so many different ways to theme a clock: from fantasy, pets/animals, and travel to family holidays, sport, and toys/games – the possibilities are endless!

Our A4 and A5 Rectangular clocks are very popular and can be chosen with either a centre or offset hole. One of the examples shows off a fantastic idea for the wall of a Kid’s Room or Play Room, complete with shapes and the alphabet – very educational!

Freestanding Clocks!

Our Freestanding Keyhole and Heart Clocks come with a score line to bend after printing. They are the perfect addition to any desk, and can be printed up with landscape or holiday photos, or even motivational and mindful quotes!

They also make lovely keepsakes to gift to friends and family for any occasion! Family photos work perfectly for a desk clock like these ones pictured, giving the recipient a boost of motivation to get through the day.

The Hinged Panel Desk Clock is another great addition to a busy desk. One side can be the clock, while the other could be used as a small functional dry wipe board for important notes or reminders! Alternatively, a collage of photos could span both panels for a personalised and heartfelt gift.

Shaped Clocks, ‘Clever Clocks’, and Clocks As Gifts!

We’ve covered many of the clocks we offer in this project, and with all the options available it can definitely be hard to know where to start!

So to help, we sell a ‘handy’ Clock Starter Pack that contains standard and shaped clocks in 4 sizes, along with a selection of mechs and hands to start helping you create awesome clocks. We have now also added a ‘Clever Clocks’ Pack featuring our range of unusual clocks – free-standing, hinged, 8 or 12 Point, and our Luxury Gift Set! You can even order both together as the Clock Bumper Collection for further discount!

Our Fancy Shaped Clocks add that little bit of extra flair to a room and are especially great for Games Rooms and Kids Rooms…

This range has just been expanded! We’ve looked through all of our brilliant shapes and picked out some that hadn’t been added as clocks yet…

Some notable additions are: the Mushroom, Skull, Triceratops, Sun Gem, Lego Style Figure, Snowflake, Bee, Cogs, and Daisy! Check out our ‘Natural’, ‘Animal’, ‘Object’ and ‘Transport’ Fancy Shaped Wall Clock listings to see the full selection!

We have an exciting new product to show off: A New! ‘Floating Image’ 3D Wall Clock Set! This set comes with some large clock hands in black or copper, and a choice between a pack of 12 x A6 Plaques or 12 x 89 mm Circles to create the numbers!

The A6 Plaques could be printed up as a set of photos in a Polaroid photo style design. This is a fantastic way to capture and display the memories of a holiday or fun day out. The Circle Set can be printed up with some fun Christmas bauble designs, making it a wonderful seasonal variation for the wall clock! We plan on expanding the shape packs offered in this set in the future to include different themed packs (such as Christmas and Halloween!) as well, so keep an eye out for this…

Don’t forget about our Luxury Clock Gift Sets! Choose your clock style, then choose a tin or box to present the clock in. Our tins feature a 0.5 mm White Topper which you can sublimate to match the design on the clock, or even use it to personalise the set for whoever is receiving it! We offer these in Small and new for this year – a Medium version!

Clocks are a wonderful gift idea, no matter who they are for. Whether it’s for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Anniversaries – everyone needs a reliable (and of course beautifully printed!) clock for their home, office, cafe, shop or business!

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