Dazzling Dry Wipe Signs!

Updates to the Dry Wipe category, plus lots of great ideas! 🖊️

Project 021: Dazzling Dry Wipe Signs!

Here we’re focusing on our Dry Wipe section! We have condensed this category, grouping shapes into different themes – just like we did with the Jewellery and Keyrings!

Dry wipes are some of the most versatile products we offer, as each piece can become anything you or your customers want – from to do lists and notice boards, to tick box menu lists and place cards for special occasions. Read on to see some of the ideas we’ve come up with for utilising some of our shapes!

Any of our metal can be used to create Dry Wipe Signs – you don’t just have to stick to the shapes we have selected in our listings. Get creative – we’d love to see what ideas you come up with!

Here’s some to get you thinking: Award Charts (think weight loss or ‘star’ charts), Planners (sports, meal and family are faves!) Wish Lists (present and stocking work great), Countdowns (for weddings, holiday, Christmas), Educational (writing practice, weather boards) etc…

Hints and Tips

Is the metal different, and does it have a special coating to make it dry wipe?

No, we use the same 0.5mm or 0.7mm metal as we usually do – so in theory, any product can have a dry wipe feature should you wish it! You must make sure that the pen you use is a dry wipe erasable one, and not something like a felt tip pen or a Sharpie!

If however, you are looking for the writing to stay on for longer – maybe for place cards, menu cards, or signs – you can use a Sharpie to write, and then use a bit of WD40 with a cloth to remove it when you want to change it.

Do I have to use white metal for dry wipe products?

There’s no rule that says you have to, however we do recommend using our white finish since the dry wipe pens will show up much better on this than on any of the other finishes we offer. This is why the new listings we have brought in only offer the choice for the white finish.

In addition to this, our white metal shows designs and colours more true to how you have designed them, and this will definitely be beneficial if you have a detailed planner or to do list design in mind!

Dry Wipe Bumper Collection!

Our Dry Wipe Bumper Collection has been updated! We have included a wide selection of white shapes in a mix of Giant A4, XXL A5, and XL A6 sizes to give you a good taste of what the Dry Wipe category has to offer, and at a discounted price too!

Most of the shapes in this pack are 0.5mm white, however we have popped a 0.7mm piece in there too – so you can see for yourself the difference and try out both thicknesses.

Included in this pack is also a number of add ons for hanging or fixing your finished dry wipe signs (inc. an MDF back) and (of course) the eraser topped dry wipe pens, pen clips, and magnet squares!

The Bumper Collection is perfect if you are unsure which shape would work best for the idea you have in mind, or even if you have lots of ideas you want to try out – all at a fantastic discount price! We have included a mix of standard and fancy shapes from each categories to give you a great selection.

Spotlight Corner!

Name Place Card:

Don’t let your imagination stop at simply creating dry wipe to do lists and planners! Try using our Name Place Cards with the dry wipe feature by designing them however you like, and leaving room to write, to allow you to reuse them for all sorts of occasions!

If you want your writing to be less easily wiped off then you can use the tip we gave you in our Hints and Tips section above about using a Sharpie instead!

Magnetic Steel Board:

Our premium hi gloss Magnetic Steel Board Set is great for creating wall charts and games! Combine the magnetic feature and the dry wipe feature to create some inventive activities for people of all ages!

You could create simple grid games and use the circles with the magnets to track the scores! Or, try creating an activity where the player has to move each circle into the right area on a chart. Using the dry wipe feature the topic of the chart could be changed each time, to keep the activity fresh – this would be great for school activities and award charts!

Dry Wipe Updates!

We have added five new listings to the Dry Wipe Category that group our shapes into different themes – Food and DrinkSeasonal, Natural, Object, and Standard!

Within each of these listings is a fantastic selection of our standard and fancy shaped products in a selection of the most useful A4, A5, and A6 sizes for making signs, planners and fridge magnet items. They are available in our 0.5mm white metal, but these listings are just to give you a better idea of what this section has to offer.

Should you want to create dry wipe products with shapes that are either bigger or smaller than the sizes we have on those specific listings then you can! Almost all of our shapes have their own individual listings too, so make sure to check those out if you have something in mind. We’re always interested to see how our customers decide to design and use the shapes that we produce!

On each of these new listings, there is a few drop down menus from which you can select your finishing options such as hole options and hanging options. One option is to add a 3mm MDF backing to create a more traditional thicker Notice board style Dry Wipe item. Another of the options allows you to add the Dry Wipe Kit to your purchase. This kit includes a fab little eraser topped dry wipe pen, pen clip, and magnet square – everything you need to sell with your dry wipe item, to make it a complete set!

The dry wipe pens that we offer are not special ones that can only be used with our metal, any dry wipe pen will do! Felt tip pens and Sharpie pens will not allow you to achieve the same easily erasable writing as a dry wipe/whiteboard pen will.

The hanging options include a range of items to allow you to display your item however you want! From ribbon and ball chains to magnet strips and strong foam pads – there’s bound to be something that works for you and your customers!










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