‘Eggceptional’ Easter!

A selection of 'eggcellent' Easter products and ideas! ūü•öūüźį

Project 022: ‘Eggceptional’ Easter!

Easter is on the way, and we have some fantastic products for you to market to your customers!

We have a great collection of Easter products for you to try Рfrom Chicks and Rabbits, to Wreaths and Egg/Flower Baskets. Create beautiful hanging decorations and wall art, or create a range of products that can be used around the house, such as: beautiful bunting using our Egg shape, dry wipe signs and charts, or Easter Hunt Sets! We also have a lovely cross shape for any of your more religiously inclined customers.

We have brand new products for Easter too – a range of fun Egg Holders (some of which are free standing!) These are available in a handful of different shapes and are brilliant for creating cute Easter gifts and Easter Egg Hunt prizes.

And speaking of Easter Egg Hunts, our Easter Hunt Set (which was new last year) is a great option for those looking to hold fun Egg Hunts this Easter and allows for a lot of creativity within the pack!

Read on for more information and inspiration to help you get your customers set up for Easter!

Easter Hunt Set!

The Easter Hunt Set is a fantastic product for the whole family! It comes with a wide selection of our Easter shapes including: chicks, sheep, rabbits, eggs, and an egg/flower basket and treasure map. This set includes an amazing 25 shapes in our white metal – giving you a lot to work with! For complete ease we also include a full set of the artwork pictured, to download for the shapes, so you can print up a set ready to go straight ‘out of the box’!

You can create hanging clues, decorations, or bunting with the included ribbon. A dry wipe pen is also included to write on the metal, allowing the shapes to be reused year after year with different clues!

The only limit is your imagination as this can become any style of Easter Hunt that you want! Whether it’s more complex with lots of clues to follow, or more simple with lots of colourful designs, you can create brilliant sets perfect for the whole family!

Easter Basket!

Our A4 sized Easter (or flower!) basket is perfect for creating a beautiful piece of Easter themed wall art, a door decoration, or even an Easter sign!¬†Our example (pictured on the product listing) shows an Easter basket filled with colourful eggs with ‘Happy Easter’ wishes printed along the front, used as a wall or door decoration.

Alternatively, you could create a beautiful flower basket, or even utilise the dry wipe feature of our metal to create an Easter themed behaviour chart, or a chocolate tracker chart!

Available in any of our 0.5 mm colours and finishes as well as in 0.7 mm White, this allows you to be as creative as you want and is a fantastic way to spread some Easter cheer!

Easter Wreaths!

Easter Flower Wreath:

Our Easter Flower Wreath comes with three flower shapes – from our poppy and frangipani ranges – and three egg shapes! Also included is a bow to finish the wreath off nicely.

Create a special decoration for the Easter and Spring season to hang proudly on display in the house! Available in three sizes of wreath РA4, A3, and A2 Рto allow you to create a wreath perfect for anyone.

Consider using photos, artwork, meaningful quotes, and more to produce a range of different styles of wreath to appeal to your customers!

Easter Animal Wreath:

We have used the new sizes of chick, sheep, and rabbit shapes to create this new lovely Easter Animal Wreath! Included is a chick, sheep, rabbit, egg, two frangipani shapes, and a bow to finish the wreath off.

A fantastic decoration for the Easter season, bound to be loved by all the family and is able to be brought out year after year to decorate the house!

This wreath is also available in A4, A3, and A2 sizes – so you can choose the best fit to your and your customer’s needs.

New Easter Products!

Our new Egg Holders are a brilliant addition to our Easter Collection! We have free standing versions available in a handful of shapes, including: rabbit, rabbit pawprint, chick, sheep, and egg. We also have egg holders available in circle and square shapes for plaques and fun clocks/spinners, not free standing, but they can be mounted in frames or hung with the clock mechs hanger.

The egg cut out on the free standing and reward/emergency plaque shapes is suitable to hold an egg the same size as a Cadbury’s Creme Egg. The egg cut outs on the clock are smaller and are suitable for mini sized Creme Eggs and anything similar.

In the area where the egg cut out is located on the shape, there are two tabs that need to be bent back. Print your designs onto the items before bending the metal tabs into place. On the free standing shapes, one of the tabs is longer which allows the shape to stand when bent into place.

The Chick, Sheep, Rabbit, and Rabbit Pawprint shapes have all had new sizes added! These new sizes allow you to create all sorts of different products – from wall art and dry wipe signs using the larger A4 and XXL A5 sizes, to badges and keyrings using the Medium and Small sizes. They are perfect for the Spring and Easter seasons, so be sure to check them out!

Thinking along the same lines of eggs…we have a brand new Fried Egg (or Cloud) shape! These cute little Fried Egg earrings (pictured above) make fantastic accessories! We offer the Cloud/Fried Egg shape in 6 different sizes, so you’re sure to find a size that works for the product you want to create! Create fun wall art, dry wipe signs, door plaques, keyrings, badges, fridge magnets, earrings, pendants, and more!


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