Homely Home Decor

Home Decor ideas to make your home look amazing!

Home Decor is the art of making your home look amazing! At Subli Metals we have so many ideas and shapes to customise your home, the possibilities really are endless!

Due to the many options available, it allows you to create a personalised, bespoke item which is reasonably priced and even on larger items there is such potential for a good markup for your business.

People love items which are unique to them and when it comes to the home, this can stretch from the entrance hall to the bathroom and the kitchen to the office!

Every room has the scope to include special products and memories and this project will hopefully highlight some of these, to give you a few ideas!

Sublimation is a chance to think outside the box and with the array of metal colours we offer, a different theme and style could be explored in each room!


The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home where food creations are made, guests are welcomed and families get together! Therefore home decor in this room cannot be ignored and we have some fab ideas!

Our cupcake shapes are fun for the kitchen and great for cake decorations, cafes, tearooms, coasters or simply as gifts. We also have teacup and teapot shapes – great for country cottage themes! To keep on track of shopping and day to day activities, dry wipe family planners are a great addition to the kitchen! We have an array of shapes to choose from to match almost any theme!

Aluminium placemats and coasters are a great product to sell and very popular for weddings, celebrations and for homes. These placemats were made from family photos with an African Safari theme and look fab on different gold metals!

Sell It To Them!

Homes should be full of memories! Here are 3 ideas to help make any house a home!:

1. HOUSE: Check out our house shape to make a beautiful entrance piece! Filled with special quotes, sayings or photos it will be a great welcome into your home!

2. PANEL HANGERS: These beautiful products allow you to hang precious memories without the worry of them being broken or damaged! Also great for parties and of course weddings!

3. A3 WORDS: The perfect way to display a number of photographs from celebrations, special occasions and holidays. They stand out beautifully as a centre piece on the wall, giving a unique and special look to any room!

New Items

KEY/LEAD HOLDERS: Perfect for keeping those keys from disappearing! These make a special gift for first time home owners or newly weds and can be completely customized! Or use for small dog leads!? Whichever way you decide to use them they are sure to stand out! Four styles to choose from, supplied with MDF backs, tape and small gold or silver hooks.

SCARF/TIE HOLDERS: Our newly added scarf / tie / belt holders are already very popular! A classy, practical addition to the bedroom for teenagers to Grandparents! A great way to keep those special items looking great and safe together in one place! 3 styles \ sizes -supplied with MDF backs!

MIRRORS: Our beautiful mirror silver is great for using as a proper mirror. We have some stylish shapes too – from the notched (shown in the bath photo) to arches and classic rectangles!


Metal sublimation is a perfect way to theme and decorate a bathroom; there’s no worry about our items getting wet and it’s a unique way to display special photos and memories. Perfect for when family and friends are staying or for holiday cottages!

This project allows us to show off our beautiful mirrored metal (available in silver & gold). By simply leaving the main sheet free and placing pictures around the edge gives a product which is beautifully shaped, themed and also shatter free…no more years of bad luck!

Tiles are another great way to add colour and a distinctive feel. By using our square shapes with photos or designs, you can build a mosaic around the sink or bath and what better way to relax, then looking back on memories whilst you soak!

If you are looking for a real statement, what about trying a bath panel from some of our larger sheets? A great use of dead space to showcase your designs! The mirrored finishes will also make small bathrooms appear larger! Don’t worry if you only have a small press, designs can be pressed separately in a collage effect and still look great!

Finally, don’t forget our A3 words to fill those walls!

For this project we used: 

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