Life’s A Beach!

Brightening up your day with a brilliant Beach and Holiday Project! ‚ėÄÔłŹūüŹĚÔłŹ

Project 033: Life’s A Beach!

This project is focusing on all things Holiday and Beach themed! We have a stack of brand new shapes for you to check out, along with some brilliant ideas for holiday souvenirs and essentials…

‘Holiday Essentials’ Tins!

When going on holiday, there’s always those essential items that can be so easily forgotten. A great idea to help combat this and keep all of the important items together and easily accessible is a ‘Holiday Essentials’ Tin!

You could even use these tins to create a ‘Memory Tin’ to keep all photos, ticket stubs, receipts, and general souvenirs safe and together – ready to look through whenever you want!

We have a nice range of different sized tins – some hinged and some with fully removable lids – and you can choose the size based on what you want to be able to put in it. Each tin also comes with a 0.5 mm Topper which can be fully personalised and designed however you want!

While brilliant for important items such as tickets, passports, emergency numbers, and medical information, this idea can also be used to create a fun activity tin for kids with drawing materials, small games, pack of cards, etc… Always a good idea to keep them occupied on a long journey!

Luggage Tags!

Luggage and Bag Tags are a must have, no matter where you’re going! From the usual practical ones that list your name and address to the more aesthetic decorative ones – they can all add a nice bit of flair and style to your luggage.

You can use our range of Gift Tags as bag tags too! The Gift Tags are smaller than the Large Luggage Tag but come in 6 different styles…

Additionally, in cases where there is important medical or allergy information about a person that will need to be known in case of an emergency, our ID Tags, wallet cards, and range of keyrings are great choices for displaying this information.

Our Multi-Charm Keyring Gift Set can also be used for the purpose of displaying medical information. The Set includes a keyring and optional wallet card, stored in a tin or bag. These are on offer throughout January and February, along with the individual Multi-Charm Keyring listings with a 20% discount – allowing you to stock up for less!

New Shapes and Holiday Keepsakes!

We have a lot of new shapes launching specially for our new beach and holiday theme. Check out the Anchor, Bucket and Spade, Octopus, Ice Cream and Ice Lolly, Seahorse, Seashell, Fish, Starfish, and Suitcase Shapes! All of these new shapes are available in a range of sizes so you can pick and choose which ones will work for the products you want to create.

The Suitcase Shape, for example, offers a lot of printing room, and we took advantage of it by creating a fun Dry Wipe Holiday Packing List! This could also become a list of places to go (or places been!), or even just a general to do list for the frequent flyers and travel fanatics out there.

Having something physical to commemorate a fun holiday is a great idea. We have loads of products that can be used for the purpose of creating souvenirs and keepsakes, from triptych sets and focus panels to keyrings, coasters, and fridge magnets! This offers an extra special way of bringing photos to life and allowing them to be displayed rather than them just being viewed on a phone or printed out.

Nicci’s daughter Jacinta visited Italy last year, so we used some of the brilliant photos she took and created an awesome A7 Hanging Panel Photo Set to commemorate the trip and give her something to remember it by, plus a fab Plane and Panel Hanging Triptych Set for a unique keepsake (as the journey can be as much of the memory as the holiday)!

Holidays are not always about the beach either – if you or your customers have a special hobby or interest that they go away for, it’s great to make a unique keepsake for these getaways too! Pick shaped plaques to compliment their special theme – we have loads of shapes! Nicci and her two daughters went on a camping trip with their Horses this year – so we created a lovely keepsake for them. We printed up a collage of photos on our A4 Horse Head Shape to capture a fun time at Highmoor Horse Camp!

A set of fridge magnets is a classic idea as a keepsake, so we decided to add a Standard Square Fridge Magnet Luxury Gift Set to our range of amazing Luxury Gift Sets! Your customers can then use all the brilliant photos taken on a holiday, include the location and even the visiting date, to allow you to look back and fondly remember a trip for ever more!

How about creating a memory mood board filled with snaps from a holiday? You can use a mix of our rectangle and square metal and arrange it together in a frame to hang on the wall. Or choose fun shapes in different sizes and arrange them as wall art! These lovely ideas would be great for honeymoons too! You can also use our focus panels in a similar way, making the perfect gift for anyone, for any occasion!

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