Teen Bedroom

Tons of fab ideas to decorate a teen or tween bedroom or den!

For this project we decided to use our range to show how you can sell into the lucrative teen (and tween) market. Sublimation is ideal for this group as it is both relatively cheap and can easily be personalised. With just a few items you can really make the space personal and individual to them. We already do a range of items which sell really well for teenagers, such as door plaques and sheet (for wall art) but we also added a few new items which would be perfect. Many of these items can be pre-printed for those selling to take away, but can also be personalised for the ultimate special touch!  

Client Brief – Making it Personal 
Our client, Nicci’s daughter Jacinta, just turned 12 and she wanted a room which reflected the fact she was going to secondary school and was a bit more ‘grown up’. She said she liked the finish of the brushed silver and she also loved horses so we tried to incorporate both of these into the finished room. We used brushed silver or white for all of the items except the mirror (for which we used mirror silver so it would reflect) The noticeboard, worked better in white as it was going to be used as a dry-wipe board. To give some contrast we printed not only black words onto silver but also a black background onto a silver sheet allowing the silver to shine through as letters.

Teen Tips
Every teen wants to find that perfect balance between a fun bedroom and one that is also grown up and practical, remember their bedroom is probably also where they will be doing homework too.
1. Make it practical Dry-wipe boards are great for teenagers and students as they can use them for notes and reminders. This noticeboard also comes with holes for rosettes and ribbon for invites.
2. Make it pretty We used our horse head and prancing horse as fun decorations for this room.
3. Make it personal Teenagers love a personlised item and sublimation allows you to do this for everything from door plaques to bookmarks – make it a one-off, unique item and they’ll love it!

New items
Most of the items on this project were existing ones that are frequently our bestsellers. However we did introduce three new items… We have some new heart shaped tins launching this month – in two colours silver and rose gold, each comes with a printable heart to attach onto the lid. For Jacinta, we used the silver one for her to put her earrings in (for her newly pierced ears!).
New Panel Wall Art
Following on from our new arrow triptych last month we have launched a new panel wall art which comes as a three panel item with the options to add additional panels. Absolutely perfect for inspirational sayings and quotes.
Mirror Mirror
We’ve been considering the idea of using our mirrored metal (in silver and gold) as a mirror for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. Leaving the majority of the sheet design-free means it can be used as a mirror and we just printed the top and bottom to link it in with our design and the horsey theme.

Existing products
This is a great project for existing items as we have so many to choose from! We started with a door plaque, ideal for personalisation. Then added a luxury tall bookmark and coaster ideal for when she’s working at her desk. Our prancing horses which we launched earlier this year were printed up with a range of horse themed quotes and used as wall decorations. They look great all walking along the beam in a line – very flashy! We also used our horse head shape with inspirational sayings as well. With both shapes we just printed words in black with no background and left the silver of the metal to show through. For the wall art, we printed a black sheet and left the words white to create a reverse image. This looks stunning and is a great way to create drama and stick to the black and white theme. The noticeboard was printed on to white, so it can be used as a dry-wipe for messages. We printed this with actual photos of our client and her horses to give it a truly personal feel.

For this project we featured:

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