New! Panel Wall Art – 0.5mm




Our new Panel Wall Art is fantastic for decorating any home. Ideal for the kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, nursery or study.

Panels are ideal for quotes, phrases and sayings or personalising with drawings or photos.

To join the panels, tie a knot in the end of the twine and thread into the top holes of the bottom panel from the back, then front to back in the bottom hole of the next panel then bank to front in the top hole and repeat up to the top, leaving some twine for hanging then repeat down the other side – finishing at the bottom again.

  • Each panel 200mm x 50mm x 0.5mm

Each item includes 3 panels with 4 corner holes and is supplied with 1 metre of twine for threading and hanging.

Available in a set of 3 of any of our 10 0.5mm metal finishes or in pre-mixed sets –

  • Mixed Gold (one brushed gold, one satin gold gloss, one satin gold matt)
  • Mixed Silver (one brushed silver, one mirror silver, one satin silver matt)
  • Mixed Gloss (one satin gold gloss, one mirror silver, one mirror gold)
  • Mixed Matt (one white, one satin silver matt, one satin gold matt)
  • Mixed Brushed (one brushed copper, one brushed silver, one brushed gold)

Extra panels are available, including extra twine to create or extend your panel art to fill any wall or any occasion!


Additional information

Aluminium Colour

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3 x 200 x 50mm panels with 4 corner holes

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