Dry Wipe Starter Pack UPDATED 2022



Our Dry Wipe Starter Pack is a brilliant way to sample the Dry Wipe category at a fantastic discounted price! If you’re unsure which shapes will work best for you, this is a great option to give you some ideas as the pack includes 7 shapes from our range – plus a nice selection of add ons too! We have also included an MDF back to create a nice hand held A5 Dry Wipe Board and a scored sign to create a fab Free-Standing A6 Sign!

This pack contains the following in a mix of A5 and A6 sizes (unless otherwise specified):

  • x2 Standard Dry Wipe Signs (0.5 mm with rounded corners – Eg: A5 Style, Shopping List Style)
  • x1 ‘Natural’ A5 Approx. Shape (0.5 mm – Eg: Planet, Flowerpot, Arrow/Pencil)
  • x1 ‘Food/Drink’ A5/A6 Approx. Shape (0.5 mm – Eg: Mason Jar, Apple, Strawberry, Bread)
  • x2 ‘Object’ A6 Approx. Shape (0.5 mm – Eg: House,¬†Heart with Rectangle, T-Shirt, Game Controller)
  • x1 Free-Standing A6 Sign (0.7mm with rounded corners)

Also included are:

  • x1 MDF A5 Approx. Backing
  • x1 50 cm Ribbon (colour may vary)
  • x1 40 cm Picture String
  • x2 7 cm Magnet Strips
  • x4 Strong Foam Pads
  • x5 Dry Wipe Kits – Includes: Dry Wipe Pen (topped with an eraser) and Magnet Square

£18 worth of items for the discounted price of just £14.50!

Please note that we reserve the right to substitute from the above list for other shapes of equal or more value if required.

All non standard shapes come with free downloadable templates upon purchase!


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