Fancy shaped BOOKMARKS


Fabulous selection of fancy shaped bookmarks to appeal to all and any avid readers!

Available in white 0.5mm as standard, Custom cut in all of our other 0.5mm metal finishes. No hole, single hole in 3mm or 6mm and beautiful bookmark tassels (including a 3mm hole) are also available in 26 different tassel colours plus NEW! We have also added a super Luxury silver plated chain tassel with a silver plated snap hook to attach to our bookmarks for a very special extra touch.

Shapes and sizes available in this listing are mostly approx Large/XL size (other sizes of many of these shapes are available):

  • Commemorative shield  (L) 85 x 53mm 75p
  • Heart – folk (L) 89 x 44mm  77p
  • Oval 100 x 40mm 79p

Hobby (art / music) themed:

  • Arrow or Pencil Crayon (XL) 141 x 45mm 79p
  • Guitar – Electric, full (XL) 141 x 84mm 0.89
  • Splodge (L) 98 x 70mm 75p
  • Gold clubs (L) 99 x 41mm 75

Animal / nature themed :

  • Greyhound – running (L) 96 x 70mm 75p
  • Horse head (L) 85 x 75mm 65p
  • Unicorn (L) 98 x 73mm 70p
  • Moon (L) 98 x 68mm 75p
  • Bunny (L) 118 x 65mm 75p
  • Apple (BKM) 140 x 50mm 69p
  • Butterfly (realistic) (L) 100 x 68mm 65p
  • Flower (poppy) (L) 75 x 70mm65p

Guys / Girls / Kids themed

  • Wine/Beer bottle (XL) 141 x 45mm 69p
  • Handsaw (XL) 141 x 54mm 69p
  • T Shirt (L) 80 x67mm 65p
  • T shirt (XL) 117 x 95mm 89p
  • Rocket  (Long) 150 x 50mm 0.89
  • Angel (L) 70 x 70mm 75p

Links to FREE downloadable blank templates for these shapes is included on your processing email upon purchase!


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