Jigsaw piece


A fabulous jigsaw piece, that interlocks for endless design opportunities!

From Giant A4 which make fabulous clocks, dry-wipe boards, placemats or wall art, to XXL A5 for signs to XL which can be used as coasters, bunting, fridge magnets, and decorations to Small and Tiny which makes great keyrings, badges, charms and pendants

All sizes approx and 0.5mm thick

  • Giant A4 (For dry-wipe, placemats, wall art)  197 x 197 mm (fits on A4 ricoh)
  • also available as a blank spare clock face with a 9 mm centre hole
  • XXL A5 (for signs and wall art) 141 x 141mm (fit 2 on A4 Ricoh)
  • XL (for coasters, decorations, fridge magnets) 98 x 98mm
  • Small (for key rings, pendants, badges) 42 x42 mm
  • Tiny (for pendants and charms ) 22 x 22 mm

Available as standard in

  • White 0.5mm,
  • Custom cut in 0.5mm brushed silver with a 20% surcharge
  • Custom cut in 0.7mm white with a 40% surcharge
  • Custom cut in  0.5mm colours with a 30% surcharge – for these choose Custom Cut and add your choice to Order notes at checkout.

Please note all Custom cut items may be 2-5 day turnaround

Free downloadable templates included !



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Aluminium Colour and Thickness * 

White 0.5mm as standard, all other 0.5mm colours and 0.7mm white are available with a surcharge – listed below as custom cuts (so may increase the turnaround time of your order)

Finishing Options for XXL and Giant options * 

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Finishing Options for XL, Small and Tiny * 

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ONLY if tassel, ribbon or ball chain selected from photo above

choose colour of tassel, chain or ribbon below (otherwise DON’T select)