Scene in a Tin Luxury Gift Set


Our Scene in a Tin is a fun product that makes a brilliant gift!

There are so many ways you can customise this tin depending on the product you want to create, and you can even use it as a way to display a gift such as earrings or another piece of jewellery!

Choose from a selection of Tins:

  • 96 x 59 x 21 mm Tin with Clear Lid
  • 110 x 80 x 25 mm Tin
  • 169 x 130 x 20 mm Tin

Each Tin comes with a 0.5 mm White Topper, 2 White 0.5 mm inserts for the inside panels of the tin (please note that there is a slight difference in size between the front and back panels!), and 1 (or 2 for the smaller tin) MDF Base with slots to sit in the tin for shapes to be placed and arranged in a scene plus a sheet of double sided adhesive and 4 x 3D double sided foam pads for you to cut to size to adhere your toppers and elements to your tin to create your scene.

All the Tin choices are hinged, allowing you to stand the tin upright while open to display your scene!

Choose a Shape Set:

  • Steampunk Set (eg: Cogs, Pipes, Lightbulbs)
  • Forest Set (eg: Mushrooms, Fairies, Frogs)
  • Magic Set (eg: Playing Card Suits, Top Hats, Doves)

Each Shape Set contains plenty of Shapes in varying sizes (ranging from XL to Extra Tiny depending on the Tin size) in White 0.5 mm and a mix of our 0.5 mm colours for you to arrange in your tin however you like!

You also have the option to add your own choices of shapes instead of using one of our pre-made sets.

Please note that all Custom Cut items may be a 2 Р5 day turnaround.


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