Subli Essentials – BEST SELLER! Coaster 90 x 90mm pack of 50


Pack of 50 of our Best Selling Square Coasters complete with 5 self-adhesive round cork bumps for each coaster. Ideal for Mothers’ Day or Fathers’ Day gifts, promotional gifts for companies or simply inspirational quotes about tea, coffee, beer and prosecco!

Coaster blanks with rounded corners, available in 0.5mm thick white, brushed silver or gold  only.

  • 90 x 90mm
  • Self-adhesive round cork bumpers 12mm diameter (5 for each coaster)

As part of our Subli Essentials range, this item falls outside our minimum order criteria which means that if your order consists purely of items from this category, you do not need to reach £39.00 to check out.

If you want to order additional items from outside the Subli Essential range, or more than 100 coasters, you should order Aluminium Coaster – Square 90 x 90mm instead. Here our full range of colours are available along with a 0.7mm options and a choice of poly bumps or cork bumpers and bulk rates.


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