Subli Essentials Christmas Shapes Starter Pack



A starter selection of Christmas shapes from our range. The majority of items come in white but a range of other colours and finishes are also included so you can try new ideas and see the results! A range of accessories included in the selection also!

This pack is heavily discounted and includes a selection from the following:

  • 3 x Bauble Barmy decorations from our range
  • 10 x Christmas decorations (from our range – Traditional Angel, Star, Christmas Tree, Snowflake,  Bird, Penguin, Bell, Snowman, Bear, Heart etc)


  • Reindeer and Sleigh wall decoration
  • Christmas Stocking- Dry wipe sign
  • 2 x 1.1mm double-sided tags
  • and accessories including a selection of hanging options… twine, ribbon, string or ball chain, strong foam pads, magnet strips and dry wipe sign accessories!

Discounted Pack – £22.63 worth of items for only £17.50 ! 

Starter pack also includes FREE downloadable templates in .png format to help you add graphics / photos to the shapes!

Please note: we reserve the right to substitute from the above list for other Christmas themed items of equal or more value if required.


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