Fab Fun Gifts for Father’s Day!

A selection of products that are brilliant for Father's Day Gifts! ūüßį

Project 034: Fab Fun Gifts for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to utilise loads of our products for personalised gifts as it’s the 2nd busiest sales period of the year! We have items for many interests including: DIY, sport, music, games & more…

Tape Measure Inserts!

If your Dad loves DIY, then he’s bound to have a tape measure or two! Maybe he’s even in need of a new one? Whatever the case, a tape measure insert is a fantastic idea to give a touch of personalisation to a vital piece of equipment in Dad’s toolbox!

We don’t currently supply any tape measures ourselves, but all you have to do is measure the area on the tape measure where you want the insert to sit. Tape measures sometimes have a little dip or a sticker on one side, and this can assist you to find a good placement for the insert.

Then, simply choose the size of circle or square that matches your measurements, print it up however you want, and attach it to the tape measure! We recommend using strong double sided tape to ensure the insert attaches properly.

You could go one step further and choose one of our tins to include as part of the gift! We have a few sizes that would be able to hold a tape measure, plus they can double up as a ‘bits and bobs’ tin to hold all the random screws and batteries that Dads have a habit of collecting! All the tins come with a topper that can be personalised too…

Wallet Cards for Top Dads!

Wallet Cards are a simple but elegant choice for a gift, and they have tons of personalisation options!

We have standard wallet cards available in all of our metal colours and finishes, as well as some available with various cut outs.

They are perfect for printing up with a photo and/or a heartfelt message. You could even print them up with children’s drawings as a sweet gift to make Dad smile that he can then carry around with him in his wallet.

The wallet cards can also be utilised as gift tags for presents (or bottles of alcohol!) for Dad. It’s a great way of adding an extra keepsake to the gift!

Our Free standing (scored) Photo Signs are another fantastic little gift idea for Father’s Day. They’re a similar size to a wallet card and are perfect little keepsakes to stand on a bedside table, mantelpiece, or desk!

Like the wallet cards, you can choose a plain one or opt for one with the word ‘Dad’ cut out. This is a lovely way of capturing a fun memory with Dad!

More Great Gifts for Dad!

Every Dad needs a cool sign for their shed, workshop, garage, man cave, or toolbox! Use any of our standard door plaques or go for a different feel with a funky shape that matches their interest!

The Rail Signs and Panoramic Street Signs are both popular choices! They’re awesome shapes that work great as wall and door plaques for any room.

Another great gift idea is a fun dry wipe board which Dad can use to keep track of all the things he has to fix! We have used the Hex Spanner shape before, but this would work with any shape.

Keyrings are such a practical gift idea and are amazing for the personalisation options they offer! With our wide range of budget, luxury, and shaped keyrings there is bound to be something for everyone.

For the football mad Dads out there, our t-shirt is an ideal choice. It can be printed up with their chosen team’s kit colours, and you can also add a name and a number to make it even more personal!

Last month’s free gift – the Multi-Charm Keyrings – are lovely gifts for Dads, Grandads, Uncles, Stepdads, and Godfathers! A small but special present that can be personalised with ‘this Dad belongs to’ and their kid’s names. Additionally, for a luxury finish you can add one of our bags or tins to hold the keyring!

For the DIY Dads that can fix anything, our tool shapes – Hammer, Saw, Spanner, and Decorator’s Paintbrush – are the perfect eye catching addition to a set of keys!

You can’t go wrong with coasters and bookmarks – because they’re such versatile and practical products that can be personalised for anyone…

If your Dad does any reading then a personalised bookmark is a no-brainer of a gift. Our Luxury Tall Bookmark is our most popular size, but the Small, Wallet card, Budget & Luxury Jumbo all work well!


Or, print up coasters with a message written by the kids, photos of the family, or even a funny ‘Place Beer Here’ design!

For any building or Lego enthusiast Dads out there, we have a few variations of Lego Style Bricks and a Lego Style ‘Minifig’! Another great bookmark idea or they would also make lovely fridge magnets!

For the Dad who is a music fan and/or plays the guitar, our Guitar Pick Tag is a fantastic little gift idea! Personalise a few and pop them in our small tin for a fab finished gift…or use either of our guitar shapes as a keyring, coaster or custom clock gift!

And if you still can’t choose after all this awesome inspiration, then buy our Father’s day themed Bumper collection to sample our range instead!


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