Fantastic Fridge Magnets!

Fridge Magnet updates, incorporating MDF, and tons of great ideas! ūüß≤

Project 023: Fantastic Fridge Magnets!

Another Newsletter, and another section that has been updated and revamped on our Website! We’re constantly working behind the scenes to make positive changes to our website, and we hope that it has made navigating our site and finding the product you want a little easier!

For this Project on Fridge Magnets, we’re focusing on producing a range of Fridge Magnets for all sorts of different gift giving occasions – Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Birthdays to name a few – as well as focusing on how using MDF can offer a more sturdy and luxury Fridge Magnet. We have also included some tips on securely taping your metal down!

You can transform practically any shape that we offer into a Fridge Magnet! While most Fridge Magnets would usually be Large or Medium sized, don’t forget that you can also use some of our bigger sized shapes (such as XL A6, XXL A5, and Giant A4) to create Fridge Magnet Dry Wipe Signs and Charts too! You could even try using Small or Tiny sizes to make really cute little magnets – go to the individual shape listings (in the Shape category) to see all available sizes for each shape.

Magnets For Dad!

There’s loads of Dads out there who probably have everything they could ever want – so what do you buy them?

Fridge Magnets can be a great gift for anyone who is difficult to buy for – especially a Fridge Magnet that has been specifically personalised for them with photos or children’s artwork!

Check our our ‘Objects’ Fridge Magnet Shapes listing for some great shapes for Dad Fridge Magnets! The Game Controller, T-Shirt, Golf Clubs, and Dart Flight are just a few that could appeal to a Sport Loving or Gaming Dad!

Remember we also introduced a sublimation Steel Sign and set last year? Our steel sheets are magnetic, meaning you can print them up and then create small magnetic shapes to stick to them – perfect for game boards, wall charts (great for football lovers) or educational, office or kitchen planners – how about a magnetic map for Dad, to plot where he has been in the world?!

Magnets For Mum!

Let’s not forget about all the amazing Mums out there who deserve lovely unique gifts!

We have useful, value rectangles, squares and circles and also some beautiful shaped items that are perfect for making some personalised Fridge Magnets for Mum (how about a “Best Mum” Fridge Magnet?) Print up with a family photo, a photo of a favourite place, artwork, word cloud or a lovely message or quote for a special touch.

Our Heart shapes are a no-brainer and make beautiful Fridge Magnets – and with 4 different styles of heart you’re spoilt for choice!

We have a great range of ‘Animals’ Fridge Magnet Shapes and ‘Natural’ Fridge Magnet Shapes for any animal and nature loving Mums out there! From Horses, Butterflies, and Dogs, to Maple Leaves and Flowers – there’s something to suit everyone’s taste, style or budget.

Taping Metal To MDF!

We wanted to provide a demonstration of one way that you can securely tape a small and intricate shape to MDF to ensure that it has the best chance of not coming loose and bending over time!

We chose the Medium Flamingo shape to demonstrate with since it has very thin legs! This Ultra Strong Double Sided Tape is 12 mm wide and is going to be too thick as it is, so we will have to get creative and cut it down in order for it to fit onto the metal (we do offer 3 mm wide tape as well, which would be easier!).

As you can see from the photo above, we have taped along all the edges of the shape and it is now ready to be attached to the MDF. Taping up the edges is important to ensure that the edges won’t come loose easily and bend, and you don’t have to tape the middle up – it will hold!

If you are going to be making a lot of Fridge Magnets using an intricate shape such as this, it may be more time effective to use a strong glue to secure the metal to the MDF instead of tape. However for a smaller batch, you may still opt to use the tape that we provide.

Fridge Magnet Updates!

We have created some brand new listings, updated our photos and Bumper Collection and added brand new Starter Packs to our Fridge Magnet Section!

After the success of our Xtra Value Budget Square Pack last month, we have added a smaller version Рa standard 50 pack, to Subli Essentials as well (so it is available without reaching our standard minimum £39 order).

Like our new Jewellery/Keyring and Dry Wipe Listings, we have divided the shapes we offer up into different themes – This time: Animals, Natural, Objects, Seasonal, Kitchen, and Hearts and Fancy Shapes.

These listings offer shapes in a range of XL A6, Large, and Medium – except for the Kitchen Shapes in which we offer larger sizes that are ideal for creating fridge magnet signs with dry wipe features for the kitchen!

They are listed in white and custom cut in all other 0.5 mm colours and finishes – as well as 0.7 mm white – which creates a lot of options when designing your fridge magnets.

There is also a selection of Magnet options to allow you to choose the magnet that you feel will fit best on the shape you want. We currently offer magnet strips in different lengths, magnet squares, and circles.

You also have the option to add MDF backing to your fridge magnets to add an extra layer of luxury as the MDF backing makes them more sturdy. This is especially beneficial for products such as fridge magnets since they may be moved around and handled often.

Don’t forget about marketing for keepsakes and tourist themed pieces too – Fridge Magnets make great value souvenirs that people love collecting and of course, displaying proudly on their fridge!


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