Nurseries / Kids Rooms

Nurseries and children's rooms are a great for selling products

Nurseries and children’s rooms are a great way to sell sublimation products – you can create a personalised bespoke item for a reasonable price and for larger items there is a potential for a good markup for your business. Children love items with their names on or with their own artwork or photos on and lots of our products also make great personalised gifts for babies or children. For those who sell pre-printed to the customer we have items which are ideal for this, as well as endless items you can personalise. There are also lots of opportunities to link sell for children’s rooms. By themeing your designs you can sell a number of items to one customer to give their room a cohesive look.

Not just for photos!
Sublimation for children is a chance to really “think outside the box” and let your creativity go wild. All our metal is suitable for sublimation but you don’t have to print photos (although photos do look good!) Why not get children to draw their own designs – this is great for children of all ages, right from first scribbles! The larger llama was printed from a felt-tip coloured picture by Imogen (age 9). Alternatively why not get older children to paint a design using our free templates and then print it onto the metal – like our flamingo painted by Jacinta (12). Signs are always useful – why not try getting children to write their own signs and print the item with their handwriting on?

All ages covered
Personalisation is great for children – they love to see their designs and photos on items and as they grow up its a cheap and easy way to refresh their rooms and make them feel special.

  1. Babies and Toddlers  New mums and dad spend a lot of time, energy and money on a new baby’s room. Pre-printed items can be “Shh baby sleeping” door hangers, our new numbers (coming soon!) as wall art or a baby on board car hanger. Once the baby is here then go crazy with door plaques and fancy shapes!
  2. Children Children are real fans of sublimation items! We will soon be adding A5 and A4 letters – who wouldn’t want their name or initial printed up? Our metal wall art looks smarter than posters and our bunting always looks cool. Shapes are so popular with kids – try big shapes or using them as a frieze/border.
  3. Teenagers Teenagers can be difficult but we’ve found alu sheet funny signs are always popular, as are door signs and they love our door hangers – especially if they say “GO AWAY EVERYONE!” – also our new Game controller shape is a perfect door plaque for the teenage gaming den!

New Items
We’re really excited about our new products as we think they’re going to be extremely popular and versatile and brilliant for children of all ages!

  • TRAIN and CARRIAGE Our train is great for a nursery – and we’ve also launched a carriage too! You can buy as many carriages as you like and create a bespoke train. Why not create a name train or print on animals and make it a circus train for a real visual treat?
  • ROCKET This month we’re also launching a rocket shape – for astronauts and budding astronauts everywhere. Looks fantastic with a photo of your future spaceman looking out of a window. Why not try printing family, friends and pets on our stars and making a nursery wall display that is both eye- catching and truly bespoke!
  • TRACTOR And finally our marvellous new tractor shape comes in A4 down to tiny and is great for outdoor loving boys from tiny tots to teenagers – works brilliantly as wall art but also a door plaque or a clock.

As ever all our shapes come with templates so you can download them for free and drop in either your artwork and or photos and then print your design.

Existing Items
Children’s rooms are a fantastic area to utilise all our shapes. We work hard to keep up with design trends and this year have already launched flamingos and llamas to tap into the current buzz around these in interiors. Our existing shapes – particularly the animals – horses and elephants for example – work really well with phrases or images on and used as a repeating border. Our game controller sign comes in a range of sizes as does our cupcake and ice-cream. For stunning wall displays on a larger scale why not try our balloon shape with ribbon for photos of family and friends. Our bunting comes in small, medium and large triangles or a banner shape and looks fantastic printed on coloured metal too. It can be hung on ribbon or ball chain. Don’t forget our noticeboards which are a great multi-purpose item for children and include a clock, lacing section and hanging holes. Or our clocks which are always popular and really help to theme a room – try the butterfly, bus or horse clock!

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